A Survey on Secular Buddhism

This week I will be working on a feature article on Secular Buddhism for Buddhistdoor.net and could use your help. While I know a good number of Secular Buddhists, I'd like to hear from as many corners of the (online) Buddhist world as possible. I'm asking a few questions below about Secular Buddhism. You are welcome to answer whether you are a Secular Buddhist or not; and in fact I would love to hear from many non-"Secular" Buddhists.I use the scare-quotes here and there as I think the … [Read more...]

Mindfulness – not just a technique!

A guest post by Ravi Pradhan In the West, mindfulness is often presented as just a technique, and widely claimed to be secularized by Western experts.Where and how did such a perspective emerge? How is this different from the claims in the Eastern Wisdom traditions which have a long proven track record in mindfulness meditation – beyond just being a technique?You have to go back to 16-17 century Europe where Copernicus and Galileo were up against the all-powerful and all-knowing C … [Read more...]