From scandal-like to just plain ugly

A post I wrote in August, American Buddhism: Unraveling a Scandal, drew some attention to an issue involving the "pragmatic Buddhism" teacher Ken McLeod and one of his former students, a Canadian social worker with a Ph.D. in philosophy. The issue then, to summarise, was that something inappropriate had taken place between McLeod and herself, and that she (and another unnamed individual) was seeking a healthy resolution procedure to gain closure and move forward.The former student wrote in Au … [Read more...]

American Buddhism: Unraveling a Scandal

For several months (or in fact, possibly much longer), a former student of Ken McLeod based in Montreal, Canada, has been attempting to put forth a grievance of misconduct on the part of McLeod, a well known American Buddhist teacher and principle teacher of Unfettered Mind (UM) a California-based organization dedicated to modern, pragmatic Buddhism.The details are still murky, with the former student understandably reluctant to make public the full scale of the actions and relationships in q … [Read more...]