What is Buddhism?


A friend and colleague in academia, David Webster, recently posted an interesting article on teaching Buddhism to college students. It's called, What Buddhism is Not: Presenting Buddhism to Students in the Twentyfirst Century, and it's short and readable and very much worth a look. He writes of doing a simple web search comparing Buddhism and Islam: I also ran, recently, a google-news search on UK media mentions on Buddhism—which resulted in stories about meditation, music, more meditation (m … [Read more...]

Review: The Buddha in the Classroom

buddha in the classroom

Subtitled: "Zen Wisdom to Inspire Teachers," this is a book filled with much more than just "Zen" wisdom and it will surely inspire pretty much anyone who reads it. The first recipient of a 5 Star rating on this blog, this book is guaranteed to find a place amongst my 'must read and re-read' favorites on my bookshelf. (If she managed to add great photos, like David Bognar's lovely book, I'd have to create a sixth star.)To be fair, some of my appreciation for the book is purely selfish: the … [Read more...]