Hunting For Heresy at Regent University…& Hobby Lobby & World Vision (Pt 3)

About a month ago I gave a plenary address at Regent. The conference was well planned, the discussions were stimulating and I left with a renewed sense of my work as an academic.  The conference, on Latin American and U.S. Latino/a Pentecostalism, was a first of its kind. As someone who has spent a couple of decades studying the latter, it was heartening that such a conference finally occurred. That it occurred at Regent, I will be honest, was a bit of a surprise, since evangelical colleges are … [Read more...]

Hunting Heresy at Regent University

A few weeks ago, I attended the Renewal Across Americas conference at Regent University. I have been bogged down by grading so this is the first time I have had to write about the many things I learned about life at Regent--The House that Pat Robertson Built.I have learned much about my chosen profession from watching and talking to many colleagues about their experiences. If I can generalize, the academic life of many in my cohort--is one where roots are rarely planted in one institution … [Read more...]

Libros Libros Libros

I don’t have a lot of time to read during the school year, and when I do read or buy books, I try to focus on things that will be professionally helpful as well as enlightening—so this list is heavy on academic books---next time I’ll post on films, popular books, and t.v. that I think was worth watching this year.Broadly speaking, my field is Latino/a Religious history—to do this well, I read lots of works in the field of Latino/a studies—not only because it informs my work, but it also infor … [Read more...]

Pentecostalism’s Long Road To Ruin?

         I have not attended a Society for Pentecostal Studies (SPS) meeting in 4 years.I resigned from the society before I became president in 2009. This society is where I first met many of my colleagues, whom I sure wonder from time to time—“just what kind of Pentecostal are you?” That’s fine; I like to keep people guessing. I will not reiterate why I left that society but it seems that the long game some traditionalists have to use the society to ferret out the theologically suspect and the … [Read more...]

Memories of San Antonio

Occasionally, I want to open this space up to fellow travelers/colleagues/friends/brethren--and in this case, una hermana, a Tejana whose roots in the Pentecostal movement makes her voice unique and necessary--Erica Ramirez is a Ph.D student at Drew University, is quite an accomplished singer, and as I hope you'll agree--one of the future stars in our constellation of Latina/o religion scholars... Bienvenidos EricaIam a third generation Pentecostal woman, a Latina born in San Antonio.  I … [Read more...]