What I Learned From Appearing on CSPAN–(hint) you’re scared, really scared

Over the holidays, CSPAN ran presentations from the Center for Presidential Studies at Southen Methodist University of which I was honored to be one of the speakers. The conference topic was "Religion in the Age of Obama." My topic was Latino/a Religious Communities and the Immigration Issue. Here is the link if you're interested: http://www.c-span.org/video/?322598-2/discussion-religion-social-issuesThat is about all you need to know about the kinds of comments I received, either on my … [Read more...]

Happy No. 5 Patheos

In the midst of grading, writing & prepping for more summer teaching, a quick saludos to the folks at Patheos, whom I have had the pleasure of helping out since they first started! #Patheos5yoI remember writing much of the material that forms the basis of their "Pentecostalism" section & now as a (semi) regular blogger on their Progressive Christian channel, I don't know of another forum that captures the essence of (irr)religious/spiritual life like Patheos. Truly a pleasure to … [Read more...]

Libros Libros Libros

I don’t have a lot of time to read during the school year, and when I do read or buy books, I try to focus on things that will be professionally helpful as well as enlightening—so this list is heavy on academic books---next time I’ll post on films, popular books, and t.v. that I think was worth watching this year.Broadly speaking, my field is Latino/a Religious history—to do this well, I read lots of works in the field of Latino/a studies—not only because it informs my work, but it also infor … [Read more...]

Love In A Time of Paranoia: A DREAMER’s Story

I resist writing about immigration and the current debate over long-overdue reforms, for many reasons,  probably because I don't want to be typecast as another Latina who has a secret trove of knowledge on the subject, as some in the media and academia seem to believe since we are asked to comment on it constantly and usually end up offering something in the way of an informed opinion. Though as a 3rd generation Mexican American, the Sánchez family has not had to worry about La Migra since 1907, … [Read more...]

So, yeah I’m Waiting For A Latino Pope

Like most scholars involved in the study of Latino/a religion, I have been asked about the ongoing papal conclave and who I would like to see come out on the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica. "What is the new Pope going to do about the growth of Latino/a pentecostals and evangelicals in the Americas? What do you think he ought to do? Do you think a Latino Pope will stem the tide away from the Church?" I waited a bit and offered an answer that I am sure he was not ready to hear. 'I think a Latino … [Read more...]

Memories of San Antonio

Occasionally, I want to open this space up to fellow travelers/colleagues/friends/brethren--and in this case, una hermana, a Tejana whose roots in the Pentecostal movement makes her voice unique and necessary--Erica Ramirez is a Ph.D student at Drew University, is quite an accomplished singer, and as I hope you'll agree--one of the future stars in our constellation of Latina/o religion scholars... Bienvenidos EricaIam a third generation Pentecostal woman, a Latina born in San Antonio.  I … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Occupation pt 2

I had lunch with my mentor last week. Vicki L. Ruiz is a pioneering Chicana historian who has been my mentor/friend for nearly 20 years. She made grad school possible for me. She has offered me encouragement and has been my “oracle” as I’ve traveled these turbulent academic fields.  This past fall, she became the first Latina historian to be inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, (she was inducted by Daniel Day-Lewis, not bad for a Chicana from Florida).  I could go on with the … [Read more...]