Hurts and Slights

It happens in the gathering of the faithful episodically, but regularly enough to have to take of note of one’s reactions and behavior: someone gets her nose out of joint, someone blows his top, there is fighting and biting–not philosophical argument, not theological misunderstanding, not just opposite points of view, but personal hurts and slights [Read More…]

Lent 2: Coming Clean

The clearing out of my spaces for Lent continues, and as it does, the realization that moth and rust have corrupted some things, dirt and grime have filtered in elsewhere, and some things need to go immediately to the washing machine, becomes irrefutable. Clearing out means tackling the dirt. It amazes me, (not amuses me), [Read More…]

Forgiving Collateral Damage-III

(Continued from the last two posts) So for the person of faith, after the damage comes forgiveness! For Christians it is part of , if not the central message: God in Christ has forgiven all we have done–past, present, future, and we are to do the same. It is called Grace! ┬áBut how do I, [Read More…]