Walking Anew-Week 2 of Lent


So I began walking as my primary Lenten practice; one day it was my labyrinth, a few times it was around my neighborhood. I parked as far away in the parking lot from the door of my destination, reminding myself that the goal was the walking, the practice itself. Then it struck—the respiratory infection that had [Read More...]

The Lenten Walk


“Jesus walked this lonesome valley/he had to walk it by himself/O nobody else could walk it for him/he had to walk it by himself.” These old words from a gospel song are the words that arise for me in the Lenten season. It is about walking for me this year. It is not that I [Read More...]

Entering Sabbath


“On the Sabbath we cease from our work, so that God can do God’s work in us,” says John Calvin.  After the crunch, comes a time for rest and restoration. Marva Dawn in her book, Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, has limned four planes or movements for the Sabbath experience: Ceasing, Resting, Embracing, Feasting. I am [Read More...]

In Crunch Time: A Spirituality


Sometimes it just all piles up–the deadlines, the endings, the “one-thing-necessary,” the unexpected phone call, the drop-in visitor, the expiring appliance! And how does one keep gathering one’s self under the eye of the Holy when everything seems intent on resisting any attempt at collecting, amassing or grouping? This week I am trying to practice [Read More...]

Looking Back, Looking Ahead


A New Year is a ripe occasion for spiritual practice, a chance to look back at what the past year has offered, and a chance to dream and to hope about what could be in the year ahead. The look backward is sometimes called the Examen, a prayer practice that asks these questions: “where is [Read More...]

Creating, Creative

I am posting my 50th blog. I never imagined that I would be a blogger, let alone one who tried to “gather the pieces of my life under the eye of the Holy.” But here I am–writing, creating, and sharing with a larger world, much of which is unknown to me. The endeavor has meant [Read More...]

Keeping Faith

Sometimes life just delivers a blow that knocks one out. Your breath is taken away, your spirit feels broken, and your heart feels irreparably damaged. I have been sitting daily this week in the presence of those who are living with this destitution. Broken trust, broken trust, broken bodies have all brought devastation to people [Read More...]

Seeking Silence

Noise surrounds me. Even on a morning home alone, the planes buzz, the mowers grind, the washer hums. But more difficult to evade and mask is the raucous and endless noise in my head, the monkey mind. And the best parts of me long to BE STILL and KNOW GOD. I know some ways of [Read More...]