Clean and Close to God

’Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.’ (Col. 3:2-3)Too often, we Christians presume that we’re ‘sinners’ at the core just like everyone else. In doing so, we ignore one of the greatest aspects of the cross—the killing off of our old self. When we take on the ‘I’m a dirty worm’ theology and then seek to ‘be like Jesus,’ we’ll find it to be a losing effort. Christianity then becomes an exercise in futility and false … [Read more...]

A Sense of Value

We desperately need a deep sense of value as a person in order to function mentally and emotionally in the way that God intends. Having a sense of irrevocable value can and will affect our attitudes and actions. If we merely try to change our behavior without realizing that it is our quest for value that is motivating much of what we do, then we engage in a fruitless endeavor. We might spend our entire lives hunting for love and acceptance from the people around us, but the hole at the center of … [Read more...]

Fellowship is Free

“The fellowship is free too, by the way. People talk about fellowship like it’s a connection with God that comes and goes with our behavior. No way. In the Bible, if you’re a new creation, a child of God, then your Father remains ‘in fellowship’ with you at all times (1 Cor. 1:9; 2 Cor. 13:14;1 John 1:7). ‘Out of fellowship’ would mean that you were lost, spiritually dead, without hope. You’re either in fellowship with God, connected to him and therefore saved (1 Cor. 6:17), or you are out of fel … [Read more...]

Contributing to Personal Salvation

Christianity Today reported on a LifeWay survey which reveals that 56% of self-proclaimed evangelical Christians believe "people must contribute their own effort for personal salvation." This is an urgent wake-up call for pastors nationwide to realize that a majority of churchgoers are not actually feasting on the solid food of God's grace. #‎TheNakedGospel … [Read more...]

Safety and Security

“Life can be painful, even dangerous. But God’s healing grace is our safety cable. God’s grace enables us to move forward in life with confidence, knowing that when we fall, we find safety and security in the love of Jesus. Even in the midst of our worst performance, he never leaves us; he never forsakes us. God spells healing: c-o-v-e-n-a-n-t. A covenant is a promise, an agreement, a contract. If you’ve been wondering how you can know and experience God’s healing touch in your life, there is no … [Read more...]

The Cure For Sin

"Fortunately, God hasn’t taken us out from under the law and left us with nothing. When we believe, the Holy Spirit then lives in us. The Spirit produces fruit through us as we depend on him. But it’s important to recognize the ‘system’ that the Holy Spirit uses in place of the law. He operates through a radically different system, namely, one called grace. Recognizing the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives requires a solid understanding of grace. Grace is the system that the Holy Spirit uses t … [Read more...]

Forgiven forever

“Just think about it. How many of your sins were in the future when Christ died? All of them. Is there any verse that says sins before salvation and sins after salvation are treated differently by the cross? Of course not! By that flawed logic, the gospel gets worse after salvation, with the cross having a weaker effect on sins after conversion. Ridiculous! By that thinking, we’d be better off becoming Christians on our deathbeds so that we don’t build up too many sins as saved people. The finis … [Read more...]