“A White Supremacist vs. An Anti-American Terrorist”

Okay, so, lets talk a little bit about Wednesday’s discussion between Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren over on the Daily Show. Noah, a South African comedian who replaced Jon Stewart as the host of "The Daily Show" and Tomi Lahren who’s a conservative commentator who writes for The Blaze. It feels like Comedy Central (CC) et al. pit Tomi as this stereotypical "blonde, white, privileged bigot." And, maybe she is just that, but, in the first few minutes of the (longer) interview it didn't quite seem th … [Read more...]

Making Sense of Rachel Dolezal’s Backlash And Why She Faked Being Black

By now you’ve probably heard of Rachel Dolezal, this morning she announced her resignation as the president of the Spokane, Washington NAACP, in the "best interest of the NAACP." Rachel sparked a national debate regarding racial identity after being confronted on her own racial identification and questioned about her seemingly deceitful presentation. If I’m not mistaken, she’s also being accused of forging hate crimes against herself, lying about her adopted brother being her biological son, and … [Read more...]

My Interview on the John and Kathy Show

It's always a pleasure to be on the John and Kathy Show as we might not agree on everything I love the fact that 1) they're willing to engage on challenging topics and 2) there's a humility to the both of them, not to sound cheesy but you can tell that they genuinely care about people and benefitting others.On this episode we talked about "The Pastor's Salary: Should Pastors Make 500k?"Here's the full length unedited version of their show:You can listen in … [Read more...]

Exorcism Ruined by Phone Call

Exorcism Ruined by Phone Call...I think this is set up or satire maybe - I honestly don't know, maybe this is really a pastor getting busted, but the point is made with other money hungry pentecostal types scams like this actually go down (e.g. Benny Hinn)But on the serious side of things my question is this: "If Christian exorcisms, healing, or other so-called miracles are real why are there no videos of them?" Is it not a little bit suspicious that there are only videos of people gett … [Read more...]

Overgeneralizing Example

As someone who tweets on topics having to do with faith, religion, justice, and theology and how they intersect with our way of living, I tend to get a lot of people accusing me of "overgeneralizing." I don't know about you, but when it's on such personal topics dealing with the intersection of race and Christianity it too often feels like accusing someone of overgeneralizing is not only missing the point but successfully showing the person you don't care about them.Don't get me wrong there a … [Read more...]

Mars Hill Church Closing For Good…

Halloween night here in Princeton and I was just trying to hand out candy, watch netflix, and eat take out, but a few hours ago my phone started to blow up about Mars Hill Church closing.Yup, it's true. Mars Hill Church has decided to completely "dissolve itself." Pastor Dave Bruskas stated their main website:Following much prayer and lengthy discussion with Mars Hill’s leadership, the board of Mars Hill has concluded that rather than remaining a centralized multi-site church with vi … [Read more...]

A Simple Method to Resolve an Argument

[Illustrated by Kadriya Khayrutdinova. Edit suggestions by Anne Diebel.]Every time, in the heat of arguing, it’s in our human nature to do our best to win. However, arguing can get quite irrational when we lose focus on what we’re trying to resolve. If we’re not focused on solving the problem,we’re wasting time and energy that can be diverted into something more positive.On the bad stage of an argument, our empathy for the other person disappears, and empowers our own self to come thr … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart on Ferguson

“Race is there, it exists. You’re tired of hearing about it? Imagine how fucking exhausting it is living it.” - Jon Stewart … [Read more...]

10 Reasons I Love Pope Francis

I'm not Catholic, I'm barely protestant these days, and I don't really ever plan on being confirmed/ordained, or highly involved with any form of institutionalized religion, ever again. Although if I would ever reconsider it would be because of Pope Francis, a.k.a. "The Most Down to Earth Pope Leader Ever!" The status quo of the Pope has usually been one of, as Stuart Heritage says:A gimlet-eyed dictatorial convinced of his own towering superiority over everyone else. To issue several un … [Read more...]