Who Would Jesus Bomb: Is Violence Ever a Means to Effective Justice?

Who Would Jesus Bomb?I’m rarely on Facebook these days, but, recently, I hopped on and did something I rarely if ever do (on my personal feed): I engaged. Irked by a random post, I reacted, I engaged, and then, I reposted. Honestly, it wasn’t anything bad, and, it felt like a healthy engagement. In short, I reacted to a post from a guy I went to high school with; he was feeling joy over the inflicted violence towards a very vocal white supremacist.Know this: I'm just as enraged by … [Read more...]

On Lynching Colin Kaepernick

I'm having the hardest time fully understanding why our nation is so incredibly outraged over Colin Kaepernick's decision to not stand during the national anthem. Empty, yet so incredibly fueled, accusations of unpatriotic treason are being hurled at Kaepernick with the intensity of which I feel would be better suited if geared towards our enemies as opposed to each other... ya know?Either way, in attempt to make sense of it, three quick things: 1) I don't think it's really as big of a deal … [Read more...]

Jesus Was Not a Pacifist (A kind response to Benjamin Corey)

“So persistent is the cry of peace among the ruling classes and so strong the seeming abhorrence of every form of violence and anarchy that one might imagine them actuated by the purest pacifist principles, were it not for the fact that they betray no pacifist scruples when they consider international affairs. Most insistent upon peace within the nation, they are most easily provoked to join issue in martial combat with other nations.“ – Reinhold NiebuhrIt’s easy for a privileged person t … [Read more...]

Understanding Why Christians are Anti-Trans

I honestly don’t understand this debate over whether or not those who identify as transgender should be allowed to use the bathroom in which corresponds with their gender. It’s not the nuanced differentiations between one’s gender and one’s sex; it’s the the psychology behind why this angers conservative Christians that I don't understand.http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/24/opinions/trump-transgender-bathrooms-opinion-cupp/Question: why are Christians so riled up by transgendered people using the b … [Read more...]

John Piper Joins the #BlackLivesMatter movement!?

I mean, not really, but kind of...Piper's opening is predictably cringeworthy, but his conclusion is surprisingly refreshing.The better question: Is this something in which nonwhite evangelicals should be happy about? Is it a step forward, and can it be utilized by progressive Christians as a means to bridge the gap between our conservative brothers and sisters? "And as I was watching all of this happen, I wondered what to think about it, what to say about it, and I googled and found: … [Read more...]

Porn is a Social Justice Issue (Just Not For Many Christians): Three Solutions to the Porn Problem Christians Won’t Acknowledge 

The other day Relevant Magazine posted an article titled “Porn is a Social Justice Issue.” It was well written making it an easy and enjoyable read, but as I was reading through the article it felt as if much of the data was slanted with a subversively subtle undertone of shaming the reader. I'm not sure if it was intentional, and I'm sure it wasn't. Many of us as Christians, as I’ve discovered, don’t have morals so much as we have created our own set of rules and laws in which one must abide to … [Read more...]

Why I’ll Be Angry if Wheaton College Does Not Fire Larycia Hawkins

“It's worth remembeing that the wedge that splits the wood is what ultimately takes the brunt of the blows from the hammer.” - Jeff YangIf Larycia Hawkins is not fired I'll be pissed. Pissed because it'll just seem like this was all one big marketing ploy to keep Wheaton on the map; a scheme to boost their already declining numbers. Evangelicalism is a sinking ship it’s a train wreck that seems to happen over and over and over and over again.If you’re not sure who or what I’m talking … [Read more...]

The War On Guns: How It’s the Same Thing as the War On Drugs

I live in the hood right now; they call it the badlands, "known for an abundance of open-air recreational drug markets and drug-related violence."[1]The other night at about 3:00am I got up to use the bathroom only to hear 5 or 6 shots (or firecrackers?) go off. The first house I stayed in there was a hole in our window; you guessed it, that was put there by a bullet. While making lunch a couple days ago I again heard a few shots raddled off, this time it was right outside my … [Read more...]

How We Fight Each Other Instead of Combatting Injustice

I think fighting injustice is, unfortunately, the willingness to step into the darkness, all while shining light into its depths. In this time, it’s far too easy to get lost, losing one’s ability to navigate and process their fear of this darkness before it turns into a divisive reactionary violence (e.g. verbal, physical, emotional, etc.).I must admit, it’s sometimes easier to react, rather than to slow down and allow one’s eyes, body, and temperament to adjust.I’ve found that in this, l … [Read more...]

How is Race a Social Construction

It's needs to be re-emphasized that none of this is to suggest race doesn't matter, or that race is irrelevant to one's identity. We must remember that, as Vox recently highlighted, "Race may have no biological or hereditary basis, but it's a real aspect of US society and culture that can weigh on minority Americans everyday. Black people are, for example, more likely to be shot by police, more likely to be incarcerated, more likely to be victimized by the war on drugs, less likely to get a call … [Read more...]