“A White Supremacist vs. An Anti-American Terrorist”

Okay, so, lets talk a little bit about Wednesday’s discussion between Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren over on the Daily Show. Noah, a South African comedian who replaced Jon Stewart as the host of "The Daily Show" and Tomi Lahren who’s a conservative commentator who writes for The Blaze. It feels like Comedy Central (CC) et al. pit Tomi as this stereotypical "blonde, white, privileged bigot." And, maybe she is just that, but, in the first few minutes of the (longer) interview it didn't quite seem th … [Read more...]

Yellowface: Are Asians Being #WhiteWashedOut (A lesson on perspective)?

Media, it matters; it impacts the way we view and perceive life, the way in which we interact with others, and even how we view and perceive our own self. In fact I'd argue that a large portion of media marketing is geared towards making us (the consumers) feel worth less than others if we don't purchase their product. They create the problem and then sell you the solution (e.g. "You're ugly so buy this make up;" "you're not man enough, so buy this truck and drink this beer..."). The problem … [Read more...]

Should We Feel Shame for Viewing Pornography?

Everybody watches porn. Especially conservative Christians.I've jokingly said that 90% of adults who own a laptop view pornography on a regular basis, while the other 10% are liars. Turns out, that joke might be more truth than I once thought. According to the Atlantic, so many people watch porn that "In 2009, University of Montreal professor Simon Lajeuness tried to set up such a study, but was thwarted because he 'could not find any adult men who had never viewed sexually explicit mate … [Read more...]

My Interview on the John and Kathy Show

It's always a pleasure to be on the John and Kathy Show as we might not agree on everything I love the fact that 1) they're willing to engage on challenging topics and 2) there's a humility to the both of them, not to sound cheesy but you can tell that they genuinely care about people and benefitting others.On this episode we talked about "The Pastor's Salary: Should Pastors Make 500k?"Here's the full length unedited version of their show:You can listen in … [Read more...]