“A White Supremacist vs. An Anti-American Terrorist”

Okay, so, lets talk a little bit about Wednesday’s discussion between Trevor Noah and Tomi Lahren over on the Daily Show. Noah, a South African comedian who replaced Jon Stewart as the host of "The Daily Show" and Tomi Lahren who’s a conservative commentator who writes for The Blaze. It feels like Comedy Central (CC) et al. pit Tomi as this stereotypical "blonde, white, privileged bigot." And, maybe she is just that, but, in the first few minutes of the (longer) interview it didn't quite seem th … [Read more...]

The Implications Of Minimum Wage Laws On Youth Pastors And Youth Workers

Written by Mark OestreicherI AM NOT AN EMPLOYMENT LAW EXPERT OR AUTHORITY. And this post should NOT be taken as ‘legal advice.’BUT: the other day over lunch, a graduate of our Youth Ministry Coaching Program, who leads a wonderful nonprofit ministry not too dissimilar from the Cartel, but local and Catholic, asked me a question just as we were wrapping up:So, how do you think the new California minimum wage is going to impact youth ministry?My first response: huh (it was a deeply … [Read more...]

A Lack of “Minority” Church Leaders is Killing the Church

A Lack of "minority [1]" church leaders is killing our economy which includes the health and future existence of our Church.Zoe Henry for Inc.com recently cited research from the center for Gloal Policy Solutions stating that "Discrimination--whether open or covert--could be leaving as many as 9 million jobs and $300 billion worth of income on the table."As a “minority” living in the US I was very intrigued by this statement. As a former pastor, I naturally, and almost immediately began t … [Read more...]

The War On Guns: How It’s the Same Thing as the War On Drugs

I live in the hood right now; they call it the badlands, "known for an abundance of open-air recreational drug markets and drug-related violence."[1]The other night at about 3:00am I got up to use the bathroom only to hear 5 or 6 shots (or firecrackers?) go off. The first house I stayed in there was a hole in our window; you guessed it, that was put there by a bullet. While making lunch a couple days ago I again heard a few shots raddled off, this time it was right outside my … [Read more...]

How We Fight Each Other Instead of Combatting Injustice

I think fighting injustice is, unfortunately, the willingness to step into the darkness, all while shining light into its depths. In this time, it’s far too easy to get lost, losing one’s ability to navigate and process their fear of this darkness before it turns into a divisive reactionary violence (e.g. verbal, physical, emotional, etc.).I must admit, it’s sometimes easier to react, rather than to slow down and allow one’s eyes, body, and temperament to adjust.I’ve found that in this, l … [Read more...]

Reframing the Narrative By Asserting your Humanity

In the past few days I've been repeatedly asked the same two questions: Where is the hope? And what is the solution? For the oppressed person my answer is this: The continuous assertion of your humanity.To do this is to acknowledge and reject the limits that have been set against you, for the sole purpose of silencing and controlling you. It's to reject a falsified morality and reconstruct a new theology because, in my opinion, having no God is far better than embracing the Eurocen … [Read more...]

Creflo Dollar and Every Other Mega-Church

Here's my question: "How is Creflo Dollar's request for a $65 million jet any different than what the average mega-church [in the first world] is already doing?"Is it just me, or is this response from Creflo Dollar kind of disgusting...The most agitating aspect of  Creflo Dollar is that he is just an extreme example of what a majority of accepted mega churches are already doing; using the emotions of congregants to manipulate his way into their pockets.As I've hi … [Read more...]

My Interview on the John and Kathy Show

It's always a pleasure to be on the John and Kathy Show as we might not agree on everything I love the fact that 1) they're willing to engage on challenging topics and 2) there's a humility to the both of them, not to sound cheesy but you can tell that they genuinely care about people and benefitting others.On this episode we talked about "The Pastor's Salary: Should Pastors Make 500k?"Here's the full length unedited version of their show:You can listen in … [Read more...]

The Pastor’s Salary: Should Pastors Make 500K?

Here's the question: Is it ethical for a pastor to receive a salary that is over $500,000.00?If this were a paper for a class, my thesis would say something along the lines of, "It's unethical for a pastor to receive half a million dollar salary that is comprised of lower-income congregants tithes and not made readily available as public information." - also this isn't an academic paper so #grace.But, as our nation is changing economically the evangelical's salary has moved to the fore … [Read more...]

Ignorance Kills

I think that one of the most fundamental reasons in regards to misunderstandings on the issue of race and systemic injustice is a lack of education. I once heard Cornel West say that "at the heart of racism is ignorance." I think it is ignorance that is responsible for those with lighter skin complexion to lack empathy for those with a darker skin complexion. I think it is ignorance that leads people to post and agree with this Peanut's cartoon:I think this comic represents the ignorance … [Read more...]