The Election is Over: Here’s The Single Trait Both Trump and Hillary Voters have in Common

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out how or why all of this happened; I’m still in that “denial” stage of grief, and am officially unsure of everything. I mean, literally, my brain can’t process this shit. I’m left wondering what billionaire or corporation Hillary might’ve upset; how the DNC could’ve mishandled the primaries; if Bernie would’ve been the better opponent; shit, is the Illuminati real (jokes)? But, like you never know, maybe Elon Musk is right, and we actually are living in a co … [Read more...]

Is Donald Trump a White Supremacist?

Trump is a symbolic representation of American buffoonery. He’s every hyperbolized reason, and then some, as to why people (both in and out of) the states are disgusted by our ironic “exceptionalism.”To me what’s most scary about Trump, is not the things or statements he makes, but the fact that people actually are buying into all that he’s saying. It’s disgustingly terrifying to say the least.I really don’t know if Trump has begun to buy into his own bullshit, furthermore, I’m not sure t … [Read more...]