Costly Grace as a Survival Tactic: Finding Happiness Despite the Pain and Suffering

Forgiveness is such a little B****. I mean, saying it more eloquently, forgiveness, it’s a double edged sword. If you forgive, then you feel as if they win; if you choose not to forgive, you then feel and find the truth within the platitude saying, “Not forgiving is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”Many times as a pastor, I'd be constantly asked by congregants "How do you forgive…?" And I'd tell them, "The same way you get over your ex: you sleep with as many p … [Read more...]

Is Premarital Sex Sinful?

My answer is this: I do not believe that premarital sex is universally wrong [You can read more on my new sexual ethic here].If you’re a Christian, evangelical, male, and currently a millennial chances are you’ve had a conversation that went something like this:You: Hey bro, I’m struggling again.Small Group Leader: How’s your prayer life?You: I mean, it’s mediocre I’m praying everyday but I’m not like unceasingly…Small Group Leader: [Shaking his head he interrupts, and puts hi … [Read more...]

Christianity & Sin

Christians love sin.I’m convinced that Christians like sin way more than anyone who doesn't believe in God. We always talk about it, think about it, do it, avoid it...Christians like sin because we have forgiveness. But we also like to sin more than most. We like sin because we like definitions, lines to but up against, lines in the sand to tip-toe up against. To see how much we can get away with. This is not what God had in mind with the Law, the 10 Commandments, or when he sent Jesus t … [Read more...]


I never fully understood grace.I grew up in a conservative evangelical church, and have worked in only conservative evangelical churches, where the gospel was assumed and not necessarily displayed or talked about at large...For Example:If you went to a rated "R" movieIf you said a "Thats what she said” jokeIf you dated instead of courtedIf you even kissed a girl rather then kissed dating goodbye...then you might be going to hell, not definitively, just possibly.So need … [Read more...]