The Cost of Joy: “But We Rejoice in Our Sufferings…”

Joy is not the absence of pain; it’s the presence of meaning and intimacy [regardless of pain or sufferings presence]. Suffering, far too many times, I think, is the result of inaction; that is, doing nothing in face of pain or unexpected hardships.  It’s when we can’t find or don’t have a reason to push forward that we tend to give up and allow hardship to win. Taking this on from a different perspective: Joy is a constant choice in which we repeatedly make, day in and day out until it becomes … [Read more...]


It's kind of crazy how life can change in a blink of an eye.An unexpected job offer.A guy or girl you meet.Or even...A phone call carrying bad news.A crash on the way to or from somewhere.Life is filled with twists, turns, and unexpected happenings, both good and bad. I guess that's what makes life, well, life.This week it randomly dawned on me that some of you out there might have just experienced the best week of your entire lives thus far, but on the other end of t … [Read more...]