Megalomaniactic Pastors: What if Your Pastor’s a Functional Psychopath?

I meet up with a ton of pastors for lunch or coffee. It’s not a means of “networking” as it’s mostly just a means of connecting with like-minded men and women. These groups of people consist of mega-church leaders, musicians, youth pastors, lay-leaders, and everyone else in between. But, the other day I met up with a pastor of a larger Church, as he was guest speaking/preaching here in Philadelphia. Never thinking about it before, today really, I realized that most of us within pastoral ministr … [Read more...]

When Will We Admit that American Christianity is the Same Thing as White Supremacy?

[Photo Credit: Jeff Hood]Watching the news and hearing about the repeated acts of violence against the black-american life reminds me of my "enlightenment/introduction" to modern day white supremacy while attending Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS). This enlightenment, it was not the straw that broke the camels back, for me, it was an experience that shattered my perception of the [ontologically] white American Church. It wasn't their baseless fallacies, conclusions with little reasoning, … [Read more...]