Reform it’s Here: What this Means Exactly

It's weird, but, as much resentment towards the Church as I've held onto I still listen to worship music. Like, a lot. I will admit that there's not too much like corporate worship; I can't tell you how much I miss singing in unison, the rush of raising one's hands in worship and praise, knowing that everyone in that building is striving and struggling along the same mission (even though, sometimes they're not, lol - but that's another post for another time).A few months ago, I was playing … [Read more...]

Reformation & The American Church

I'm not so sure Christianity is dying; so much as only a certain kind of Christianity is dying. The kind of Christianity I'm referring to is the American kind of Christianity.Some might know it as Evangelicalism others might have seen it in their mainline denominations, either way, or either form of tradition, American Christianity is nearing its end, it's quickly losing its power, it's steam, and it's appeal.This politically charged, fundamentalist, religious right is fading out. It's no … [Read more...]