American Violence: Western Mythologies

I posted on the extreme violence that characterized the United States around the turn of the twentieth century. Many of the examples we might think of from that era concern the so-called Wild West, but we should be very careful in applying that label. Often, those conflicts mimicked exactly the same kind of ethnic and [Read More…]

Being Protestant

    Early modern English Protestants, at least the more earnest among them, were known to be a rather dour bunch. “Better it is to goe sickly (with Lazarus) to Heaven,” wrote Lewis Bayly in his The Practise of Piety, “than full of mirth and pleasures, with Dives, to Hell.” That Bayly’s devotional manual was [Read More…]

The Need for a Comprehensive “Theology of Diversity”

Guest-blogger H. Paul Thompson on the need for a comprehensive theology of diversity “that embraces diversity, writ large, as a positive good.” [Read more…]

Confessing Faculty: A Statement of Confession and Commitment from Christian Professors

Hundreds of “Confessing Faculty” at Christian colleges have signed a “Statement of Confession and Commitment.” Chris explains what its language of justice has to do with the purposes of Christian higher education. [Read more…]

Leadership for All?

Enough already with leadership.  What we need are some good followers. This is the bottom line of an excellent New York Times piece by Susan Cain, timed tactfully just before this year’s batch of college acceptance letters come due.  Cain’s article opens with a college questionnaire filled out by the father (!) of an applicant [Read More…]

History as an Act of Gratitude

Why the recent death of an elderly friend has Chris thinking about history as an act of gratitude, a recognition of God’s undeserved grace in our lives. [Read more…]

American Violence: The Long Civil War

I know the American Civil War happened, but I’m not too sure when, how, or whether it ended. That question was in my mind recently when I visited Georgetown, Kentucky, with its lovely old main street. Near the courthouse stands a monument to the trial of people accused in a sensational event of the era, [Read More…]

A Golden Age for Christian Colleges?

Are Christian colleges uniquely positioned to revitalize our nation’s intellectual life and contribute to cultural bridge-building in this era of political and social polarization? If you ask Christian scholars, this would seem to be the case. In Inside Higher Ed, Tal Howard argues that America’s Christian colleges and universities “are now well positioned to save [Read More…]

A Reasonable Reading List for Medieval Christianity: Part 2

If you ever have the chance, visit the church of St. Bartholomew the Great in London. St. Bart’s, as it is affectionately known, stands in Smithfield, just outside the old London wall.  I recommend a Sunday morning walk to it from St. Paul’s Cathedral. Go about 9:45 a.m. to hear the Cathedral bells; you can [Read More…]

Great Movies About The Great War

Five great films about World War I to help you mark the war’s ongoing centenary. [Read more…]