Teaching as an Act of Wonder

Teaching as an act of wonder: wondering at, wondering if, wondering while, wondering with, and wondering into existence. [Read more…]

Confessing Faculty: A Statement of Confession and Commitment from Christian Professors

Hundreds of “Confessing Faculty” at Christian colleges have signed a “Statement of Confession and Commitment.” Chris explains what its language of justice has to do with the purposes of Christian higher education. [Read more…]

Betsy DeVos, HBCUs, and the History of Christian Higher Education

Thinking about Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ advocacy of school choice in light of the history of race and gender in American higher education [Read more…]

Betsy DeVos, Sandra Bullock, and the Historical Cost of School Choice

How a popular Hollywood movie celebrates the potential benefits of school choice, but obscures the historical causes and costs of that course of action. [Read more…]

A New Moral Vision

If you clicked on this link because you’re desperately seeking a new moral vision, this might not be exactly what you’re looking for. But perhaps you can find here a new vantage point from which to pursue this quest… In her new book A New Moral Vision: Gender, Religion, and the Changing Purposes of American [Read More…]

Education: What is It?

For a “think tank” of sorts, I find myself writing a white paper on education (yep, the whole shebang) and its current aspirations and ailments. It’s a tough assignment, for how does one make sense of such a large category. Here’s my first swipe at defining “institutional parameters.” I welcome feedback! I. Institutional Parameters “Education” [Read More…]

Football at Christian Colleges and Universities

While schools as large as Baylor and as small as Bethel have long played football, most Christian colleges and universities don’t field teams in America’s most popular sport. [Read more…]

Incarnate, Crucified, Resurrected: What It Means to Be the Body of Christ

What the Body of Christ has in common with the historical body of Jesus — and what that means for the project of Christian higher education. [Read more…]

Notes to First-Year Students on Mystery and the Liberal Arts

Today’s post comes from a talk I gave several years ago at Asbury University, where I teach history. After welcoming nearly 400 new students to campus for orientation, we didn’t waste any time starting up academic conversations. All incoming students read G.K. Chesterton’s mystery thriller The Man Who Was Thursday for their liberal arts seminar, [Read More…]

Does Christian Liberal Arts Education Have a Future?

A month ago, the board of Sweet Briar College announced that the school, which has educated women in a single-sex environment for over 100 years, would close after the 2014-15 academic year.  The announcement by the school’s board sent waves through national news cycle.  The Diane Rehm Show, which is always a good measure of hot topic [Read More…]