Evangelicals and White Supremacy


Carolyn Renée Dupont’s Mississippi Praying: Southern White Evangelicals and the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1975 is a challenging book, both in terms of history and theology. What follows is the first of a two-part review. This week, I lay out Dupont’s arguments. Next week, I’ll flesh out the story and assess those arguments. Dupont challenges much [Read More...]

Religion and the Victory of Same-Sex Marriage

About a decade ago, the historian David Chappell wrote a thoughtful book about religion and the civil rights movement, titled A Stone of Hope: Prophetic Religion and the Death of Jim Crow. Among other ideas, Chappell presents the argument that the supporters of civil rights, ultimately, had religion on their side. In other words, while [Read More...]


The new book The Color of Christ, by Edward Blum and Paul Harvey, is rightly drawing attention, and praise. To over-simplify a complex argument, it shows how changing racial conceptions and images of Christ have been used as political weapons, often in the cause of White supremacy. A radical departure from this tradition is the [Read More...]