Recalibrating the “Evangelical Paradigm”

A growing body of evidence points to a pitched battle between evangelical and churchly Protestants that we need to incorporate into our stories. [Read more…]

The Long History of the Religious Right

Ever since so many of them embraced the Reagan Revolution during the 1980 election cycle, the political involvement of evangelicals has garnered the attention of scholars and journalists.  For many, the story of resurgent evangelical political involvement became one of backlash.  Reacting against progressive politics and loosening social mores of the 1960s, evangelicals embraced a [Read More…]


I recently did a column on RealClearReligion about a music-related topic that I think needs further exploration. This also segues nicely from John Fea’s post about 1980s Christian music, and John Turner’s piece on Explo ’72. Briefly, I noted that in the 1970s, America witnesses a religious revival with a strong youth focus, as ably [Read More…]