“What do Eastern Orthodox Christians believe about…?”

As evangelicals pay more attention to Eastern Orthodox Christianity, guest blogger Matt Miller reviews a significant new collection of primary sources from that ancient tradition. [Read more…]

Somewhere, Beyond The Sea

As I described in my last post, the Non-Jurors were a High Church movement within the Church of England, who refused to take oaths to the new regime after the Glorious Revolution of 1688. Their leaders were pious and thoughtful, with a deep interest in church history and liturgy, and a special focus in the [Read More…]


Not long ago, John Turner ignited controversy when he challenged the idea that Mormonism was a “cult,” a concept I have myself  written on at some length. (By the way, some scholars define “cult” as “a small unpopular religion,” without specifying whether the unpopularity is merited). For present purposes though, I am interested in another [Read More…]