Faith in the Foxholes: Christianity and the World Wars

The newest issue of Christian History Magazine explores the effects of the two world wars on Christianity. [Read more…]

I Do Not Owe “Total Allegiance” to America

In his inaugural address, Donald Trump exhorted “total allegiance” to the U.S.A. That’s not a commitment Christians (or students of 20th century history) should make. [Read more…]

Seeking God in The Holocaust

A new book helps us understand how Europeans on both sides of World War II turned to faith to make meaning of unfathomable violence and suffering [Read more…]

Teaching the Great War Where It Was Fought

“You have the best job.” So said an acquaintance at the Minnesota Historical Society earlier this month. Now, I happen to think that designing museum exhibits would be pretty cool, but I couldn’t argue. Not only did I have a sabbatical all fall, not only did I spend it with my wife, children, and parents, not only did it give us the chance [Read More…]


I just returned from a visit to Italy. Traveling in Europe can often be depressing, even heartbreaking, if you know the modern history, especially of the World War II years. Italy, though, offers quite different themes, which are still not as well known as they should be. It’s an inspiring story. I don’t want to [Read More…]