Gnostics and Other Christians

It is very difficult to find much evidence of Gnosticism before the start of the second century, and the earlier traces seem strictly confined geographically. In admittedly simplistic form, I want to explore some of the implications of this. (For present purposes, I am taking a very broad definition of Gnosticism). A Christian Heresy? Early [Read More…]


I recently posted about the construction of historical memory, and the debate over whether such histories were onions or olives – that is, whether such ideas arose from a genuine core, or if they were wholly imagined. Obviously, that can be a controversial issue, particularly in religious terms, but it is helpful to address it. [Read More…]


You have probably observed the media fuss over the ancient text – a lost gospel? – that apparently refers to “Jesus’s wife.” The story is a classic illustration of how the media misinterpret religious stories, but the underlying issue is of rather more interest. Briefly, Harvard Professor Karen King reported the discovery of a Coptic [Read More…]