Beyond Books: “Come, Lord Jesus, Be Our Guest”

Chris Gehrz continues his series on types of Christian writing other than books by reflecting on table graces like “Come, Lord Jesus, Be Our Guest” [Read more…]

How to Pray for a Presidential Candidate You Don’t Like

Under current circumstances, praying people might puzzle over how to pray for leaders they do not much like.  History affords a range of options, from requesting deliverance from evil rulers, to affirming allegiance to the powers that be whom God ordained, to giving thanks for just and prudent officials.  Another provocative possibility comes from invocations [Read More…]

“Volunteering” to Pray: Church, State, and College Football

The Freedom from Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) campaign to remove religion from American public life has opened a new front: stopping public prayers at college football games. It sent “cease and desist” letters to the University of Tennessee recently, asking that both its Knoxville and Chattanooga campuses end their rituals of pregame prayers. Chattanooga complied, but [Read More…]