“The Riddle of the Religious Other”

Often I have been asked about putting together a grant proposal or a book prospectus. So, I thought I would post here a current proposal (which is very much in progress!) that I plan to send to the Guggenheim Foundation and eventually to a publisher. I hope this might help anyone out there crafting there [Read More…]

Two Popes Walk into a Bar …

A more accurate title for this blog would be “Watching the Papal Transition from Catholic Europe.”  But I couldn’t resist, even though I don’t have a punch line–or even a joke for that matter. But down to business. I am on sabbatical this spring semester, spending part of it as a visiting scholar at the [Read More…]

Two Anniversaries: Vatican II and the 95 Theses

Two noteworthy anniversaries are marked this month: the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, which occurred on October 11, 1962, and the 495th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, widely recognized on October 31, but transferred and celebrated by many churches as “Reformation Sunday.”  (This year it occurs on the 27th).  Admittedly, [Read More…]