This is Why I am A Feminist

Few people have influenced my life's philosophical work than that of the political philosopher Susan Moller Okin. However, I am not a feminist because of Susan Moller Okin.If you follow this blog, you know I love sharing clips featuring the philosopher Judith Butler. See here, here, and here. As I said on one of posts, " work and thought is very different from that of Butler. However, her approach to gender continues to fascinate me..." Yet, I am not a feminist because of Judith … [Read more...]

“…we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals.”

"Shem, we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals," said Geneva (7) to her brother Shem (11) as we passed a creepy gun shop near our new home in Las Vegas which invites all to come and try out machine guns on the shooting range.We laughed at the super-serious tone which Geneva took. She is prone to lecturing her brothers on a range of issues. However, it warmed my heart to hear her begin to develop a social outlook which emphasizes non-violence.Now if only she applied this when … [Read more...]

Women as Chicks (Adventures in Parenting)

"Why are those chicks running so slow," asked Todd my 13-year-old son. We was wondering why the women in the long distance race on the television on the other side of Applebee's appeared to be running slow.They didn't seem to be going slow to me, but that did not play much into the conservation that followed."DO NOT refer to woman as chicks," I told him."What?" he asked defensively. "It is just another word for women or girls."Lyndee, my wife and … [Read more...]