Is God an American?

Of course, not. While I cringe at the heavy doses of American exceptionalism (often in the most cheesy forms) within American religious culture, maybe there is something valuable in viewing American and Christianity as being intertwined.However, it is often not intertwined in a positive sense, like a manifest destiny, but a destructive one. Of course, "Manifest Destiny" itself was corrupt and destructive. This mixture of American and Christian identities is something that was can trace … [Read more...]

Wallace Bennett on Compromise in Government

The June 1976 Ensign magazine has long been a favorite of mine. It deals with a number of political and social issues from a variety of LDS perspectives. One brief entry has been coming to my mind lately.Wallace F. Bennett served in the United States Senate from 1951 through 1974. My uncle served on his staff for a period of time. So I am biased in my deep respect for the Bennett family.In this issue of the Ensign, Sen. Bennett addresses the following question: What is the role of … [Read more...]

ICYMI: Who are Your Favorite U.S. Presidents?

NOTE: This post was original post on President's Day February 18, 2013.This is not meant to be a list of the five best presidents. It is not the five most effective presidents. It is surely neither of these. They are my five favorites.Abraham Lincoln:This may be an easy one for many. For me, as a political theorist, Lincoln is the most interesting. I love studying and contemplating how his views on slavery, always thoughtful and complex, changes over time. Most importantly, Lincoln … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln, My Founder

We have in many ways ruined Abraham Lincoln. I love him because of his flaws. He was surely a work in progress. Yet, the progression of his thought is a work of beauty in and of itself. He was not a pretty politician. He was not a pretty man. But he brought with him a humility and a moral vision of the nation-state which in many ways correctly many of the major failings of the founders. I feel closest to Abraham Lincoln when I read about his struggles with … [Read more...]