Which Side Are You On? (Happy Labor Day!)

I was introduced to the Florence Reece's song "Which Side Are You On?" by Pete Seeger's rendition of the song. I love Pete's version. It is a haunting song in many ways.I recently came across Natalie Merchant's cover of "Which Side Are You On?" It is equally haunting and beautiful.Back in May, I wrote about officially joining a union.Which side are you on?Author's Note: This is a modified re-post of a post I did on May 1 2013. … [Read more...]

Turns Out Emerson Wrote Some “Very Stupid” “Trash”

I love John Stuart Mill. However, it is probably a good thing he never read anything I ever wrote, because he was rather brutal and harsh.Historian Frank Prochaska has discovered Mill's comments of the American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson in letters by from Mill and in Mill's notes on a copy Emerson's Essays.History Today reports the following:The words ‘fudge’, ‘nonsense’, ‘oh’, ‘pooh’, ‘sentimental’, ‘superficial’, ‘stupid’, ‘very stupid’, ‘trash’ are among the many pencille … [Read more...]

Utah Spent More Than $30,000 To Catch 12 Drug Users On Welfare

Because demonizing the poor is so worth every penny.From Bryce Covert at ThinkProgress: Utah has spent more than $30,000 to drug test welfare applicants after it passed a new law last year. But in that time, just 12 people have tested positive for drug use, according to state figures.Utah doesn’t randomly test applicants or require them to all undergo a drug test, but instead requires them to complete a written questionnaire that is meant to screen for drug abuse. Those who have a high p … [Read more...]

I will be Occupying the Microphone! (Updated with Audio)

UPDATE: Take a listen. I join in at the 23:23 mark.I will be occupying the microphone today at 5:00 p.m. eastern/ 2:00 p.m. pacific.I will be discussing my recent switch to the Green Party on the South Carolina based radio show Occupy the Microphone.You can listen from anywhere by going to this link. Tune in!The show airs from 5:03 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. I expect to one shortly after 5:20 Eastern. … [Read more...]

I Am No Longer a Democrat.

Last week, as I obtained my Nevada driver's license, I registered to vote in Nevada. As I went to check the box for political party affiliation...I decided to switch parties.Being an unaffiliated voter is not how I roll. While political parties and partisanship can be among the most frustrating and annoying aspects of politics, parties are an essential element of a healthy democracy. While our parties might have major problems, not having political parties is not the answer.Before anyone … [Read more...]

Does the U.S. Pay Families When Drones Kill Innocent Yemenis?

by Cora Currier ProPublica, Aug. 12, 2013, 1:48 p.m.There have been nine drone strikes reported in Yemen in the past two weeks – an uptick apparently connected to the Al Qaeda threat that shut down U.S. embassies across the Middle East and Africa. As many as six civilian deaths have also been reported.President Obama has promised increased transparency around drones, but when asked about the strikes on Friday, Obama wouldn't even confirm U.S. involvement."I will not have a discussion about o … [Read more...]

Scrap Sochi and Bring the Winter Games to Salt Lake City!

Okay, it is not going to happen...but why not at least offer?Christian Harrison, an author and my dear friend, made the following suggestion this morning:Perhaps now is a good time for Mayor Ralph Becker and the City Council to announce to the world that we're able to host should Sochi become untenable. We've wowed the world before in hosting the Olympics against all odds — we could do it again.Of course, I don't expect Sochi to be stripped of its host status. But speaking out at t … [Read more...]