No, Sen. Coburn the correct term is “badass.”

Politico reports that Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) referred to the Senate Majority Leader an “absolute a—hole” during a fundraising gala in New York City on Monday.While apologizing for using the word, Coburn insists the frustration is real.I understand frustration with the current political climate and there are no shortage of a--holes in either party. However, I think in all that frustration, Sen. Coburn may have gotten his words mixed up.Back in July, Benny Johnson of Buzzfeed did a s … [Read more...]

Stop Judging Libertarian Mormons

Gregg Collett is the father of 10 children and a Libertarian candidate for District 11, Position A of the Idaho House of Representatives.  He relies upon Medicaid to pay for his children’s medical expenses.  He is also a Mormon.  So does that make him a hypocrite? Here is how he answered the question.  “Am I a hypocrite for participating in programs that I oppose? If it was that simple, and if participation demonstrated support, then of course. But, my reason for participation in government pro … [Read more...]

Bob Bennett Warns Against the Tea Party and other “Slogan Screamers”

Last Thursday, former United States Senator Robert Bennett (R-UT) spoke about the current political scene in the United State at a university forum at Brigham Young University-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho."Beware of the Slogan Screamers," said Bennett in thinly veiled reference to the Tea Party.Bennett said that Democrats are the party of government solutions and Republicans are the party of market solutions. And both sides can be correct.He praised the Democrats on Civil Rights and … [Read more...]

LDS Church to Broadcast Priesthood Session: Some Brief Thoughts

Buried deep in the news release from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announcing the upcoming October General Conference of the Church is the following:As part of a continued effort to make general conference proceedings more accessible to members around the globe, the priesthood session will be shown live for the first time through expanded channels, including, the Mormon Channel and BYUtv.Of course, this is the only news in the news release.Is this a response … [Read more...]

Inequality for All

Robert Reich has been the moral voice within the Democratic Party on the issue of inequality since he left the Clinton administration in the late 1990s.He is currently behind the movie "Inequality for All." The movie will rolling out starting on Sept. 27.On Monday, Reich appeared at the Daily Show and discussed the project with Jon Stewart.Take a look at the full interview:Part 1:Part 2:I love Reich's critical optimism. I think it gave me the boost I needed … [Read more...]

What is Religious Freedom? A Brief Response

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced yesterday that it was initiating an effort to promote the freedom of religion.Here is a video title "What is Religious Freedom?" released by the LDS Church that addresses the meaning of the freedom of religion and the current status of the freedom of religion.A few quick points:1. I found it interesting that the video provided two arguments or philosophical foundations for the freedom of religion. The first was the natural … [Read more...]

I Belong to A Cult.

And I just can't get away from it!I just love the shiny temples.I am mesmerized by our founding prophet figure.Of course, I am talking about the Cult of Mac. Not sure what you might have had in mind.I am looking forward to tomorrow's session of General Conference...umm...I mean...iPhone Event. … [Read more...]