Idaho State Rep Wants to Turn Back the Civil Rights Clock

In 1882, led by future state senator Fred T Dubois, the Territory of Idaho enacted a law disenfranchising all Mormons in the territory. This was done because at the time some Mormons practiced Polygamy and polygamy was an official teaching of the Church. This practice violated and offended the “sincerely held beliefs“ and Christian sensibilities of many of the other residents of Idaho. They felt that since they were morally offended by the Mormons way of life that they should be able to deny Mor … [Read more...]

Long Time Passing

The world has lost one of its greatest voices for civil rights and one of its greatest singers and writers of Hymns of Social Justice.  If I had to name just one voice that has influenced me to be liberal it would be Seeger.  It is impossible to pick just one of his songs that has influenced my life so I will do several Pete Seeger themed posts over the next couple of days."Where Have All the Flowers Gone" may be one of Seeger's best known songs.  It has been performed many times by many ar … [Read more...]

Patriot Act, Pope Francis, and Citizens United (Faith and Social Justice News Roundup) Mon. July 8

Jeffrey Rosen suggests some ways make the Patriot Act more patriotic.E.J. Dionne notes that Pope Francis is showing some impressive leadership and "saintly politics."Today, Pope Francis criticized indifference toward immigrants' plightDavid Brooks pounds Tea Party Congressman on immigration.The "dynamic" movement to overturn Citizens United.How Government Made Fracking Profitable (and Left Renewables Behind)titleRead about more about the Faith and Social Justice News … [Read more...]

Introducing the Faith & Social Justice New Roundup

I am starting a new and permanent series at Approaching Justice called the "Faith and Social Justice News Roundup."The Faith and Social Justice News Roundup with be links to stories and commentaries about faith and social justice. At Approaching Justice, I take a rather broad approach to both faith and social justice. My hope is that this daily (Monday through Friday) series will help make Approaching Justice a place where you can visit to find a wide range of information about faith and … [Read more...]