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Teaching the Gospel in Our Homes: My Sermon

Today, I gave a sermon about teaching the gospel in our homes. The talk touched on Rawls, King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon, my Chevy Suburban, and lots of cutestories about my beautiful and amazing children.Lyndee spoke first and I make a few references to her talk.Take a listen to the talk here.Or here: Podcast Powered By PodbeanI am sharing this talk as part of the Passing on the Faith: … [Read more...]

15 years!

15 year ago today, Lyndee Marie Curtis and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.She has been my rock. Thanks, babe.Help us celebrate by subscribing or donating to Approaching Justice! … [Read more...]

I Am No Longer a Democrat.

Last week, as I obtained my Nevada driver's license, I registered to vote in Nevada. As I went to check the box for political party affiliation...I decided to switch parties.Being an unaffiliated voter is not how I roll. While political parties and partisanship can be among the most frustrating and annoying aspects of politics, parties are an essential element of a healthy democracy. While our parties might have major problems, not having political parties is not the answer.Before anyone … [Read more...]

FAQs about the August Subscription Drive

While Approaching Justice has gotten a few donations, the fund drive has gotten more questions.Let me answer a few:Does Patheos ask you to get paying subscribers?No. This is all my doing.I am not looking for subscribers in the traditional way. There is no pay wall at Approaching Justice and that is not going to change.The funds for this drive will go directly to supporting me and Approaching Justice. The "subscription" option allows for you to make a recurring monthly $2 … [Read more...]

(UPDATED) Welcome to August and the Approaching Justice Subscription Drive!

As August begins, I am looking forward to this new month at Approaching Justice.This month, I have the goal of breaking 25,000 page views for the first time.August is also our first full month in Las Vegas. We are loving our new home and I hope to do some more writing about our experiences. I also plan on doing some theoretical/cultural/philosophical/theological musings on Sin City.August is also going to be important for Approaching Justice. August 2013 will be the first quarterly … [Read more...]

“…we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals.”

"Shem, we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals," said Geneva (7) to her brother Shem (11) as we passed a creepy gun shop near our new home in Las Vegas which invites all to come and try out machine guns on the shooting range.We laughed at the super-serious tone which Geneva took. She is prone to lecturing her brothers on a range of issues. However, it warmed my heart to hear her begin to develop a social outlook which emphasizes non-violence.Now if only she applied this when … [Read more...]