Another Liberal at Church!! (Adventures in Sunday School)

We are loving our time here in Las Vegas. In addition to the abundance of In-N-Out Hamburger locations, we are very much loving our LDS congregation here in Vegas. They turned out in large numbers to unload our U-Haul. They have warmly greeted us on Sunday, stopped by our home to bring us peaches or to welcome our children, and they made us feel most welcomed and included at the Pioneer Day breakfast we attended yesterday. As you may know, I have a certain fascination with bumper … [Read more...]

Farewell, Wyoming

I arrived in Las Vegas on Friday and Lyndee and the kids will be arriving over the next few days.I will miss my friends in Wyoming.Here is something I will not miss so know...President Obama is going after hunting rifles.Same truck.Our 3 years in Wyoming were an adventure. I am looking forward to continuing our family adventure here in Las Vegas! I think we will be spending a lot of time here:It is really warm here. Nothing we cannot survive … [Read more...]

I Am Feeling So Patriotic, So Today I….. wearing my Netherlands World Baseball Classic cap.My mother, Carla Henrichsen, is a native of the Netherlands. She has been a proud American citizen for sometime now. Since it was her birthday yesterday...I better not emphasize how long she has been an American. Happy Birthday Mom!My mom mentioned on Monday that her father, my grandfather, Abraham Meijer would have turned 100 on that day (July 1). Opa has been gone for over a decade, but I sometimes feel that he is still with … [Read more...]

What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas….

...but what if you live in Vegas?Ah, the many great philosophical questions we will ponder while living in Sin City!Here is my family checking out our soon-to-be home from the top of the Stratosphere:"Like" Approaching Justice on Facebook … [Read more...]

The Best of June at Approaching Justice

We more than doubled our pageviews at Approaching Justice from May to June. Thanks for reading!Some of the posts that got the most traffic during June are the following:Homosexuality is Not a SinAre Mormons Protestants?No Liberals Here! (Adventures in Parenting)Find all of the Approaching Justice posts from June 2013 here.Go see what you missed!I am excited for July. We are moving to Las Vegas this month. Also, I am looking forward to am even stronger month at … [Read more...]

Women as Chicks (Adventures in Parenting)

"Why are those chicks running so slow," asked Todd my 13-year-old son. We was wondering why the women in the long distance race on the television on the other side of Applebee's appeared to be running slow.They didn't seem to be going slow to me, but that did not play much into the conservation that followed."DO NOT refer to woman as chicks," I told him."What?" he asked defensively. "It is just another word for women or girls."Lyndee, my wife and … [Read more...]

No Liberals Here! (Adventures in Sunday School)

Okay, it might be an exaggeration to call anything that happens at church an adventure. We will stick with the series title "Adventures in Sunday School" nonetheless. This is the start of series about the experiences of a theological and political liberal in a conservative church.On Sunday, my son (13) was told in Sunday School that he and his classmates were lucky that they did not grow up around liberals.These are the type of things my son loves sharing with mom and dad on the … [Read more...]