Are Mormons Christians? Yes and No.

Author's Note: This is my contribution to the Patheos Blog round table on the question "Are Mormons Christian?"Are Mormons Christians?What makes one a Christian?Is it believing in Jesus Christ?If so, then what must one believe about who Christ is in order to be a Christian?Mormons, as a group, do not believe in the tradition Trinity. Instead, we believe in a Godhead of three separate beings of one unified purpose. For many, this is a drastic difference. I am not sure if it … [Read more...]

“Are Mormons Christians?”: A Blog Round Table

Author's Note: This post is cross-posted at Faith-Promoting Rumor.Are Mormons Christians?For most Mormons, the answer to this question is obvious. Yes, yes they are. They believe in Jesus Christ. This settles it for themFor people from other religious perspectives, the answer is obvious but in the negative. Mormons are not Christians. The reasons for this response is varied.For some, few answers are obvious. Instead, this question is more one of inquiry. For me, the question … [Read more...]

What is Religious Freedom? A Brief Response

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced yesterday that it was initiating an effort to promote the freedom of religion.Here is a video title "What is Religious Freedom?" released by the LDS Church that addresses the meaning of the freedom of religion and the current status of the freedom of religion.A few quick points:1. I found it interesting that the video provided two arguments or philosophical foundations for the freedom of religion. The first was the natural … [Read more...]

Can there be a Faithful Liberal Mormonism?

I have rediscovered my faith in Christ in recent years and come to terms with my Mormonism. My quest seems to be one of finding where it is that I fit within Mormonism.I am not talking about political liberalism. While political liberalism is my primary area of academic interest, this is not a post about the tired and boring question of "Can a Mormon be a Democrat?" Instead, I am thinking of liberalism in a religious sense.I often hear (or see) references to True Blue Mormons … [Read more...]

James Taylor Showered the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with Love.

Last night, James Taylor was joined by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony for a performance in Salt Lake City.I here traffic in downtown Salt Lake City was pretty crazy last night!I found this video of Taylor performing "Shower the People" with the Choir and the Symphony at the LDS Conference Center.(video from Utah Desert)Okay, I am not even a huge James Taylor fan, but I loved that!Now, go shower the people around you with love. And be sure to shower even … [Read more...]

New Video Released About LDS Church Welfare System

Today, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a short video about the LDS Church Welfare system. The video addresses fast offerings, Bishop's storehouses, and the overall spirit of the program.I have been on the receiving end of Church welfare assistance a few times in my life. Sometimes other Mormons make comments about the Church welfare system that do not match my experience. This video portrays a spirit of caring that is very consistent with my experience receiving … [Read more...]

Is Bryce Harper Hated Because He is A Mormon?

Ok, that is not really the question at hand. The panel at Post Sports Live from The Washington Post took at look at whether Bryce Harper with the Washington Nationals was getting hit by pitches because he is hated.  At the Henrichsen home, we really like Bryce Harper. He is one Shem's heroes. The fact that Harper is from Las Vegas is the first thing Shem mentioned when Lyndee got the offer to come and teach here.Are players like Harper being targeted by … [Read more...]