Rorty on Truth

I do not go as far as the late Richard Rorty when it comes to "truth." I do believe that their is such a thing as truth, I just find almost all claims to such truth to be utter rubbish. It is largely because of Rorty that I have come to this point. personally think that we are rarely interested in truth. Instead, we are merely deeply committed to defended certain narratives about "truth." Like Rorty, I feel that we are too often willing to be cruel to others … [Read more...]

A Theory of Justice: The Musical!

NOTE: The following originally appeared here at Faith-Promoting Rumor. The producers have informed me that the soundtrack is now available! Review soon to come. Also, check out the trailer here.I have not seen The Book of Mormon: The Musical. To be honest, I have not seen any musicals, in quite sometime, that are not at a local high school or community college. Often while wondering about musicals about sacred texts, I have wondered a few times about the possibilities of a … [Read more...]

As you would have others do unto you.

Almost three weeks ago I flew out to go visit my father who was very ill. For some time he had been going through the process of failing health and this trip was sadly the last time I would see him. He passed away the day after I flew down. While I don’t mean to make this post depressing and sad, I do just want to make a quick appreciation for the time I had with him throughout my life, even the times when I wasn't directly there, I knew he was there for me.My father was not a wealthy man, an … [Read more...]

Galston’s Response to A Brief Inquiry #rawlsreligion

William Galston's response to A Brief Inquiry Into the Meaning of Faith and Sin (Rawls 2010), offers a number of interest takes on Rawls and his work in general. However, it also shows a number of the misinterpretations on the part of Galston. "If it turns out that early faith commitments constitute the unexpressed but indispensable basis of Rawls's thought, then one may wonder whether there are other grounds on which those of different faiths, or no faith at all, can affirm the validity of his … [Read more...]

Beyond Borders: A Moral Approach to Immigration

Authors note: Originally published at FPR on Feb. 4, 2012.Yuriy and Van lived in a much nicer neighborhood than we were used to. Most of the investigators we taught in the Little Saigon region of Orange County, California were poor immigrants who lived in either very humble homes or in apartments of varying conditions. Yuriy and Van lived in an upper middle class neighborhood with few recent immigrants.Yet, Yuriy and Van were recent immigrants, though with a twist. Yuriy was Russian and … [Read more...]

Losing faith during war. #rawlsreligion

While it is often said that there are "no atheists in foxholes," the experience of war can be a destroyer of faith. Rawls wrote that he was raised in a "conventionally religious" home. He finished his undergraduate studies and entered the military as a "believing orthodox Episcopalian Christian." Yet, by June of 1945, he had, in his own words, "abandoned it entirely."(Rawls 2010, 261)While claiming to not fully understand this shift himself, Rawls points to three events that took place … [Read more...]

Losing My Religion: REM and Rawls #rawlsreligion

Right now, I am writing about John Rawls and his loss of orthodox Christian faith during World War II. Rawls provides a very personal and touching narrative of some of the events that led to his loss of orthodox faith in essay "On My Religion" (2010).I emphasize his loss of orthodox Christian faith because in many ways Rawls does not reject faith, but instead he turns away from the theological tenants of Christianity. I will be looking at this in a 3 or 4 posts over the next couple of … [Read more...]