How much must we account for the complexity of religious pluralism in political philosophy? #rawlsreligion

Note: This is the rough start to a larger treatment of this issue.In the works of Rawls, religion, as a concept is largely conceptualized as mainstream Western religion. This includes both Protestant and Catholic strands of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In particular, I think that Rawls primarily has mainline Protestantism, the faith of his youth, in mind when he thinks of people of faith accepting an overlapping consensus about a political conception of justice.The moral assumptions … [Read more...]

Bibliography #rawlsreligion

This page will serve as a bibliography/works cited page for my dissertation project posts. It will be updated at sources are added.Bloom, Allan David. Giants and Dwarfs: Essays, 1960-1990. London: Simon and Schuster, 1991Dombrowski, Daniel A. Rawlsian Explorations in Religion and Applied Philosophy. University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State Univ. Press, 2011.Freeman, Samuel. Justice and the Social Contract: Essays on Rawlsian Political Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford University Press, … [Read more...]

Towards an Exegesis of Rawls and Religion: An Introduction to #rawlsreligion

The treatment of religion in the philosophy of John Rawls has been a focus of much writing.This writings have generally fallen into two categories:1. Religious thinkers looking to at the intersection of Rawls' secular theory of justice and religious social teaching about justice.2. Discussions the role Rawls gives to religious doctrines in his later arguments for political liberalism and public reason.There will be a substantial review of the above literature as the project … [Read more...]

Taking a Stroll with Judith Butler

Judith Butler is an inspiration to me. She offers some of the most devastating critiques of our modernist approach to...pretty much anything, but particularly  to gender.I had hoped to use Butler a bit in my work on Mormon conceptions of gender. However, Taylor Petrey of Kalamazoo College has already done an amazing job along those lines with his article Toward a Post-Heterosexual Mormon Theology in the Winter 2011 Dialogue. Today, I would like to share with you a segment from the docu … [Read more...]

Trailer: A Theory of Justice: The Musical!

I wrote about A Theory of Justice: The Musical! a while ago. Check out the trailer.The show had a sell out run in Oxford. I am looking forward to future releases of CDs, DVDs, and posters...because I am going to collect them all!No, I am not obessed. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln, My Founder

We have in many ways ruined Abraham Lincoln. I love him because of his flaws. He was surely a work in progress. Yet, the progression of his thought is a work of beauty in and of itself. He was not a pretty politician. He was not a pretty man. But he brought with him a humility and a moral vision of the nation-state which in many ways correctly many of the major failings of the founders. I feel closest to Abraham Lincoln when I read about his struggles with … [Read more...]