Ben Bernanke is a Rawlsian!

Well, maybe.In a speech at the Baccalaureate Ceremony at Princeton University on Sunday, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke was channelling some heavy luck egalitarianism along with some New Testament.He gives ten suggestions to the graduates. In particularly, number three stands out as particularly Rawlsian:The concept of success leads me to consider so-called meritocracies and their implications. We have been taught that meritocratic institutions and societies are fair. … [Read more...]

The Holocaust and Losing Faith in Christianity. #rawlsreligion

I started writing a while back about John Rawls and his journey away from a rather orthodox Protestant faith. Rawls mentions three incidents which he viewed as playing a significant role in this change. All are connected to World War II, with the first two dealing with specific experience Rawls had while fighting in the Pacific. I wrote about them here.The third incident is a much larger event. It is the Holocaust.Rawls recounts finding out about the Holocaust in the following way: It … [Read more...]

Thomas Pogge on Studying Under John Rawls

John Rawls is my hero, but I never met him. So, I love hearing personal experiences like that of Thomas Pogge. And to think...I have been accused of hero worship. :)Source: The Carnegie Council's Ethics Matters Series.I tend to side more with Pogge on the idea of global justice than I do Rawls. However, as Pogge mentions, many ideas about global justice, including the amazing work of Pogge himself, have been directly influenced by the Rawlsian concept of justice.  … [Read more...]

Care and the Liberal Theory of Justice

The feminist idea of care is both a response to the canon of ethical and political theory as well as an alternative approach to that canon. In this essay, I contend that caring relationships are a valuable and necessary component of a just society, and as a result necessary in any theoretical argument about social justice. Yet, it could be asked whether the theory of social justice advanced by the philosopher John Rawls adequately incorporates the idea of care. I will argue here that the concept … [Read more...]

Sandel’s Introduction to Rawls and Distributive Justice

Rawls is not easy to understand. This is largely because of how Rawls presents his ideas, though this difficulty creates opportunities for debate within political philosophy.Below is a lecture by Harvard Government Professor Michael Sandel on Rawls and issues of wealth, inequality, and distributive justice. While I disagree with much of Sandel's academic criticism of Rawls, I think that he does an excellent job in this lecture and in his recent books looking to present the concept of justice … [Read more...]

A Theory of Justice: The Musical!

NOTE: The following originally appeared here at Faith-Promoting Rumor. The producers have informed me that the soundtrack is now available! Review soon to come. Also, check out the trailer here.I have not seen The Book of Mormon: The Musical. To be honest, I have not seen any musicals, in quite sometime, that are not at a local high school or community college. Often while wondering about musicals about sacred texts, I have wondered a few times about the possibilities of a … [Read more...]

Galston’s Response to A Brief Inquiry #rawlsreligion

William Galston's response to A Brief Inquiry Into the Meaning of Faith and Sin (Rawls 2010), offers a number of interest takes on Rawls and his work in general. However, it also shows a number of the misinterpretations on the part of Galston. "If it turns out that early faith commitments constitute the unexpressed but indispensable basis of Rawls's thought, then one may wonder whether there are other grounds on which those of different faiths, or no faith at all, can affirm the validity of his … [Read more...]