Is Bryce Harper Hated Because He is A Mormon?

Bryce Harper

Ok, that is not really the question at hand. The panel at Post Sports Live from The Washington Post took at look at whether Bryce Harper with the Washington Nationals was getting hit by pitches because he is hated.     At the Henrichsen home, we really like Bryce Harper. He is one Shem's heroes. The fact that Harper is from Las Vegas is the first thing Shem mentioned when Lyndee got the offer to come and teach here. Are players like Harper being targeted by … [Read more...]

We Have Authority Issues


"Why doesn't the Church speak out in favor of the Affordable Care Act or universal healthcare?" The above question, or some variation of it, has come up in twice in recent months on liberal or Democratic Mormon Facebook groups that I belong to. They could, but they won't. Not because they cannot do so, though advocating for specific legislation is dangerous territory. Instead, the Church is not going to step into a political battle which has partisan overtones...that has already been … [Read more...]

Teaching the Gospel in Our Homes: My Sermon

Shem (11), Todd (13), Geneva (7), and Lyndee

Today, I gave a sermon about teaching the gospel in our homes. The talk touched on Rawls, King Benjamin from the Book of Mormon, my Chevy Suburban, and lots of cute stories about my beautiful and amazing children. Lyndee spoke first and I make a few references to her talk. Take a listen to the talk here. Or here: Podcast Powered By Podbean I am sharing this talk as part of the Passing on the Faith: … [Read more...]

Being Passive Aggressive Does Not Mean You are Not a Bully


Just Saying. Source: Online Interactive Communication Training. … [Read more...]

John Stuart Mill on Mormon Polygamy

I am putting together a conference paper proposal about John Stuart Mill's treatment of Mormon polygamy in his classic "On Liberty." As I do that, I want to share with you the passages that I am considering. The forth chapter of John Stuart Mill's 1869 "On Liberty" starts with the following questions: WHAT, then, is the rightful limit to the sovereignty of the individual over himself? Where does the authority of society begin? How much of human life should be assigned to individuality, and … [Read more...]

Jim Gaffigan on Jesus


I have previously shared an example of comedian Jim Gaffigan's commentary/comedy on everyday American life. In many ways, he is one of my favorite social theorists Since I renewed my membership in the American Academy of Religion last week, I thought I would share with you Jim Gaffigan as theologian. As you know, I am all about approaching religion in only the most serious of ways. Here is theologian Jim Gaffigan on Jesus: … [Read more...]

“Religion in Human Evolution” Robert Bellah (1927-2013)


I just saw on the website of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) that the amazing sociologist Robert Bellah passed away yesterday, July 31, 2013, at the age of 86. From the AAR: Bellah was the Elliot Professor of Sociology Emeritus at the University of California, Berkeley, where he taught sociology of religion. Educated at Harvard where he taught for 10 years, Bellah moved to Berkeley in 1967 and served there until 1997. He did cross-cultural work on religion in Japan and in American … [Read more...]

“…we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals.”


"Shem, we are Mormons. We do not kill people or animals," said Geneva (7) to her brother Shem (11) as we passed a creepy gun shop near our new home in Las Vegas which invites all to come and try out machine guns on the shooting range. We laughed at the super-serious tone which Geneva took. She is prone to lecturing her brothers on a range of issues. However, it warmed my heart to hear her begin to develop a social outlook which emphasizes non-violence. Now if only she applied this when … [Read more...]

Another Liberal at Church!! (Adventures in Sunday School)


We are loving our time here in Las Vegas. In addition to the abundance of In-N-Out Hamburger locations, we are very much loving our LDS congregation here in Vegas. They turned out in large numbers to unload our U-Haul. They have warmly greeted us on Sunday, stopped by our home to bring us peaches or to welcome our children, and they made us feel most welcomed and included at the Pioneer Day breakfast we attended yesterday.   As you may know, I have a certain fascination with bumper … [Read more...]

Pope Francis? Or should we just call him Pope Social Justice?!?!

Pope Francis in Rio (source:

I am totally loving Pope Francis so far. I am not Catholic. I am sure we disagree on quite a few social and theological matters. Heck, I seem to disagree with pretty much everyone on a range of things these days. Not only is Pope Francis hitting social justice themes with regularity, he is going out amongst the people with a manner that exudes humility and meekness. The Washington Post reported the following about his current visit to Rio: Francis has become known as the ‚Äúslum … [Read more...]