“Do you think God likes Baseball?”

I really liked the movie 42. I particularly liked the religious social justice themes advances by Brooklyn Dodgers GM Branch Rickey as portrayed by Harrison Ford.This clip was one of my favorite moments:  … [Read more...]

“Hail to the ___________!” I Support a Name Change.

I have been a Washington Redskins football fan since I was 11.On PostTV of The Washington Post last week, Washington Post sports columnist Mike Wise and Oneida Indian Nation leader Ray Halbritter discussed the name Redskins.I have come to the point that I can no longer support the name "Redskins." I am a fan of the Washington football club. I still root for RGIII. However, I would love for the team to change their nickname. This is an amazing opportunity for owner Daniel Snyder to do … [Read more...]

This Liberal Likes Tim Tebow!

I do. I really like Tim Tebow. His NFL career may be over, I have no idea. But I am sometimes sickened by the malevolent attitude some people have towards him. It seems as though they are rooting for the guy to fail.Back in the January 2012, we were still living in Wyoming. We were in the Denver media market and got watch a lot of Tebow the season before they brought in Peyton Manning. I wrote the following at Faith-Promoting Rumor:I am not a University of Florida fan. Some of … [Read more...]

Is Bryce Harper Hated Because He is A Mormon?

Ok, that is not really the question at hand. The panel at Post Sports Live from The Washington Post took at look at whether Bryce Harper with the Washington Nationals was getting hit by pitches because he is hated.  At the Henrichsen home, we really like Bryce Harper. He is one Shem's heroes. The fact that Harper is from Las Vegas is the first thing Shem mentioned when Lyndee got the offer to come and teach here.Are players like Harper being targeted by … [Read more...]

Strange Gods: The Idol of Ideas (Chap. 3)

NOTE: See my earlier posts in this series here and here.Over the course of my life I have defined myself--sometimes with regretable pride and narrow-minded passion--as a New Yorker, an Irish woman, a liberal, a feminist, a Democrat, A Catholic, a mother, a student, a healer, a Yankee fan, a manager, a Christian, a post-feminist--the list goes on and on. (39)Well, this Orioles fan was waiting for Elizabeth Scalia to put post-Yankees fan at some point on that list. Maybe it is in a … [Read more...]

NFL, LGBT, and Me.

Sports seems to play a big role in our conceptualization of gender. American Football is particularly heavily connected to the American conception of masculinity.As a result, I am very interested to see how football, more specifically the corporate entity of the National Football League, addresses and handles the matter of homosexuality as American society itself rapidly evolves in its attitudes.Corporate American, for all of its failings, has been ahead of the curve when it comes to … [Read more...]

Go Orioles! Opening Day, Baseball and Erin O’Doherty #campaignchronicles

It is Opening Day! Okay, yesterday was opening day but the Orioles open their season today. Yesterday didn't count.Baseball is an important part of my family's Spring and Summer…and hopefully Fall.I am an Orioles fan. I was raised in Maryland. I started following baseball shortly after the Orioles won the World Series in 1983. I grew up in the Cal Ripken era.Shem (11) and I started following Major League Baseball together last year. Shem also plays in our city youth baseball l … [Read more...]