A New Approaching Justice

After a year at Patheos, I am moving Approaching Justice to a new home.I am very grateful to the owners and staff at Patheos for the privilege of blogging at their site. I have made a lot of friends, especially with other bloggers at the various Patheos faith channels. I look forward to continuing those relationships.Please read about my new venture at the new Approaching Justice. … [Read more...]

“Show me how big your brave is”

I admit, I'm old, and my music tastes generally align with my age.  Most of what I listen to was recorded from the mid 1960's to the mid to early 1990's.  SO I had never heard of Sara Bareilles or her song "Brave" until a few weeks ago.  My daughter had just come home from a meeting at our Church where she was helping to plan the annual summer young women's camp out.  I asked her how it went and she said that the theme for this year's camp was going to be a song called "Brave."  I was curious so … [Read more...]

Santa and Jesus are White.

Oh, wait.Jon Stewart breaks it down:Whiteness is lucky to have Fox News as a defender and champion.For a more serious discussion of the topic of race and Christ, check out The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America by Edward J. Blum and Paul Harvey. … [Read more...]

Marriage Isn’t for Everyone

After the Supreme Court decided U.S. v. Windsor and Perry v. Hollingsworth earlier this year, I remained optimistic about the fact that I would live in a state where gay marriage was illegal. I even remember telling one of my gay law school buddies that Idaho would be the last state to recognize gay marriage. Little did I know, plans were being laid to overturn the gay marriage ban in Idaho.Two weeks ago, four lesbian couples filed a lawsuit in Federal District court in Boise. The … [Read more...]

Conservative Mormon Senators Help Advance ENDA

During my first campaign speech in 2012, I was asked, "Do you support ENDA?"I had no idea what that even was at the time. I would soon discover the the Employment Non-Discrimination Act would "ban employers from firing, refusing to hire or discriminating against workers or job applicants based on their sexual orientation or gender identity. "I have always supported such laws and I support ENDA. Even as a Democratic candidate, I was always suspect to some on gay rights issues because I am … [Read more...]

The Most Authentic Politician in America: Terry McAuliffe

The next governor of Virginia will be a somebody who is most famous for being a political fundraiser. While this may be depressing for those who long for a more inspiring politics, it also makes Terry McAuliffe the most authentic politician in American politics today.What? Terry McAuliffe? Authentic? Yes, that is what I said. Every politician in America is first and foremost a fundraiser. We want our politicians to be able to raise large amounts of money. We want them to wow us with their … [Read more...]

Surviving the Shutdown as a New Young Public Servant

Monday, September 30th, we were told incase of a government shutdown contingency plans are in place to suspend our training program, that we had been in for eleven weeks, with only one more to go until graduation of our phase 1 part of training for a new job I had secured serving the government. After weeks of hard work, our momentum was propelling us to the end, and it couldn't come soon enough. That day I remember everyone wondering what was going to happen. That night it seemed like New Years … [Read more...]