Have you seen Pres. Uchtdorf’s Talk from Saturday?

A lot of chatter and memes going around which are doing a disservice to this address.Take a look for yourself:Even if you have watched it live, there is a lot here.Please share. … [Read more...]

Priesthood Session Open Thread: Televised Edition! #ldsconf #twitterstake

I really enjoyed today's earlier sessions.Tonight's priesthood session is the first priesthood session that has been widely broadcast. Tonight, one can watch from church or on BYU-TV or online...live.I am hoping to hear from those who are watching from home. I would particularly love to hear what any women watching think (or what do the women watching with you) think about the session.Please join me in the comments! All are welcome.I would invite you to register with Disqus. … [Read more...]

Saturday Afternoon Session Open Thread: “There is room for you here.” Edition #ldsconf #twitterverse

(UPDATE: Due to technical delays at the start of the conference, I will not be posting my notes. However, I will open the post for comments)I really enjoyed this morning's session, especially the talks by Elder Dube and Pres. Uchtdorf.We re-fueled on some In N Out Burger between sessions and we are ready to go!I will be updating my notes here in the body of the post and adding comments below as well. Please join me in the comments! All are welcome.I would invite you to register … [Read more...]

Don’t Occupy Mormonism…Occupy the Streets and the World.

One of my frustrations with Mormon liberalism is that it is primarily concerned with Mormonism.In my experience, unorthodox Mormons are just as likely to be right-wing Social Darwinists as more traditional Mormons. Now, do they think of themselves as Social Darwinists? No, nobody has since the 1880s. It is a term used to describe those feel a certain comfort and commitment to social inequality. Those who have, deserve it. Those who have not, brought it upon themselves. We tend to use the … [Read more...]

Some Buddhist Reflections on “Are Mormons Christian?”

My friend and colleague, Justin Whitaker, has made contributed to the blog round table on the question of "Are Mormons Christians?"In his post "Are Mormons Christians? Defining Religious Identity," Whitaker has adds a lot of light on this question from the perspective of a religion scholar and as a Buddhist.I particularly liked this:But perhaps, in this age of increasing cosmopolitanism, the best thing to do is simply ask: Dude, are you a Christian?Yes?Okay then. … [Read more...]

Have You Seen “My Five Wives” on TLC?

TLC recently aired a pilot for a new reality show about a polygamous family in Utah. No, not the Browns. They now live in Nevada.Well, meet the Williams Family:Go watch the full episode here.I was intrigued to hear that the family had moved away from Mormon fundamentalism and that they had a rather pluralistic approach to religion.What do you think about the episode?What differences do you notice between the Williams family and the Brown family of Sister Wives fame? … [Read more...]

New Missionary Program is more than just Facebook

Live from the Mc Minnville Farmer's Market in McMinnville, Oregon, we give you Elder Kane, a missionary from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:(Source: McMinnville Downtown Association)I am guessing that this missionary is named Elder Kane from the YouTube comments.My favorite comment from the YouTube page:"I was hoping´╗┐ for missionary appropriate songs."I love my fellow Mormons! I would have been disappointed if somebody had not said something like that. I w … [Read more...]