Deport The Statue of Liberty!

If anything...because of the French accent. This is the kind of person we want to keep out!I am just furious about these people taking jobs from real Americans. I might not be able to enjoy my hot dogs and fireworks on July 4th because of this."Like" Approaching Justice on Facebook … [Read more...]

Not “Illegals,” but Brothers and Sisters: Reflections of a Former Missionary

Yuriy and Van lived in a much nicer neighborhood than we were used to. Most of the investigators we taught in the Little Saigon region of Orange County, California were poor immigrants who lived in either very humble homes or in apartments of varying conditions. Yuriy and Van lived in an upper middle class neighborhood with few recent immigrants.Yet, Yuriy and Van were recent immigrants, though with a twist. Yuriy was Russian and spoke no English or Vietnamese. Van was Vietnamese but she was … [Read more...]

Approaching Justice is heading to San Jose #NN13

The week of Netroots Nation 2013 has arrived. I will be in San Jose Thursday through Saturday.I will be missing the opening night bash with Howard Dean, because Shem's (11) final regular seasonbaseball game is on Wednesday night. That one was not even a contest.I will be arriving early Thursday and staying through Saturday. If you are at Netroots Nation 2013 and would like to get ahold of me, email me at am mostly focusing on sessions and panels … [Read more...]

Women as Chicks (Adventures in Parenting)

"Why are those chicks running so slow," asked Todd my 13-year-old son. We was wondering why the women in the long distance race on the television on the other side of Applebee's appeared to be running slow.They didn't seem to be going slow to me, but that did not play much into the conservation that followed."DO NOT refer to woman as chicks," I told him."What?" he asked defensively. "It is just another word for women or girls."Lyndee, my wife and … [Read more...]

Charity vs. Justice part 2

As a mainline protestant pastor it may be odd to be writing a post on a Mormon blog. But I got to know Chris Henrichsen through his run for congress in Wyoming and I really came to respect not only his campaign but the person behind it. We've had a number of discussions about religion, politics, and life in Wyoming and so I was invited to write for this site. This is my first attempt to do so.I wanted to follow up on a previous post on the difference between charity and justice because I … [Read more...]

Choose The Left: Some Thoughts on Being a Mormon Dem

The above bumper sticker has been on our Chevy Suburban since early spring. Lyndee, my wonderful wife, let me put it on the vehicle after we decided to leave Wyoming. It was our way of saying that we no longer cared about what anyone in Wyoming thinks about us.Being a Mormon made us black sheep amongst Wyoming Democrats. Recently, the state party promoted and championed a rant in the form on a letter to the editor which maligned religious people in general and Mormons in particular. With that, … [Read more...]

Charity Vs. Justice

It is often said that social justice is about forcing others to be charitable. I should let you in on a secret: I do not give a crap about whether you are charitable or not. If I was trying to force you to be charitable, I would be doing it to force you to be righteous, but social justice is not about whether you are just but whether our society is just (sorry, not everything is about you).Now saying that I am trying to force you to be charitable, is a clever (though tired) rhetorical trick. … [Read more...]