The Temple of Joseph and the Temple of Sam

A couple of years ago, my family made the four hour trip from Casper, WY to Billings, MT to attend the LDS Temple in Billings. Upon arrival in Billings, we decided to do initiatory work for some of Lyndee's ancestors. She went in first while I waited in the waiting room with Todd, Shem, and Geneva (at the time 11, 9, and 5, respectively).After the drive, I was looking forward to relaxing in the temple.Todd had another plan.He had been promised a cover for his iPod touch when I had … [Read more...]

Strange Gods: God Before Us (Chap. 1)

"To become too attached to a thought or feeling or thing is to place it between God and ourselves," Elizabeth Scalia tells us in the first chapter of Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life (14).It seems that we often make those thoughts, feelings, or things into our Gods.I am journaling my reading of Scalia's book. I am a little behind in my journaling because we traveled to Las Vegas over Memorial Day weekend to check out the area that will soon be our home. The trip did give me … [Read more...]

Strange Gods: Introduction

Elizabeth Scalia, also know as The Anchoress here at Patheos, has written a book called Strange Gods: Unmasking the Idols in Everyday Life.I am not good at book reviews. Instead, I am going to lived blog, chapter by chapter, my reading experience.Right now, I am sitting in the parking lot of my children's elementary school on the last day of school. We are waiting to attend the fifth grade breakfast and fifth grade graduation for our second son, Shem.Scalia points out in the … [Read more...]

I Am Going the Netroots Nation!

I just got the call from Democracy for America. I have been awarded a scholarship to Netroots Nation 2013 in San Jose!The scholarship covers 4 nights of hotel and the conference fee.Thanks to all of my supporters that voted for me! Also, thank you to Democracy for America for this opportunity! … [Read more...]

Books and My Mother: Happy Mother’s Day

My mother Carla Henrichsen is Dutch. She was born in The Hague. She met and married my father in Munich when she was 22. He was stationed there with he U.S. Army. She was working at the military hospital.My older brother was born a year later while my father was on a tour in Vietnam. With her baby, my mother immigrated to the United States while my father was still in Vietnam.My mother would go on to become a successful business woman, starting an in-home daycare before I was born. She was … [Read more...]

Not Heavenly Mother…Pink Floyd Mother (covered by Pearl Jam)

There has been a number of rather contentious and awkward conversations about Heavenly Mother on the bloggernacle over the years. My view is that we should spend more time thinking about the role that mother's play in our society and our relationship with the mothers in our own lives. I think that one of the great contributions of feminist theory is the emphasis on the here and now...and the need to avoid unnecessary abstraction.In "Mother" by Roger Waters (originally perform by Pink Floyd on … [Read more...]

When the beating of your heart Echoes the beating of the drums..

Last week I watched Les Mis for the first time. I’ve heard of the story but had never seen any of the film or play productions. I will say I was impressed. I thought it was a great story.  The music is what got me. I felt it to be inspiring in many ways, and making the story that much more influential. There were many great songs, and lines in the songs that I thought were pretty powerful.  One of the lines comes from the song, “The People’s song” it is as follows:“Do you hear the people sing … [Read more...]