Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln, My Founder

We have in many ways ruined Abraham Lincoln. I love him because of his flaws. He was surely a work in progress. Yet, the progression of his thought is a work of beauty in and of itself. He was not a pretty politician. He was not a pretty man. But he brought with him a humility and a moral vision of the nation-state which in many ways correctly many of the major failings of the founders. I feel closest to Abraham Lincoln when I read about his struggles with … [Read more...]

Welcome to Approaching Justice

Welcome to Approaching Justice! I have been blogging for many years at Faith-Promoting Rumor. I will still be contributing at FPR, but I am starting a different venture here. Approaching Justice will be a combination of religion, politics, current events, and...well...Chris Henrichsen. So, that means there will be some pop culture and personal musings as well. There might even be some poetry. :) The guiding theme of this blog is social justice. As the … [Read more...]

Campaign Chronicles: Introduction #campaignchronicles

From late March of 2012 through November 2012, I ran for the United States House of Representative.Many of you know that already.However, I have not really told my story. There were many times on the trail that I thought "I am totally going to write about THAT some day." Well, it begins here.The campaign was a transformative experience. It helped me realize who I am. It helped me discover a deeper faith and a deeper love of my family.It also caused a lot pain.Overall, I … [Read more...]