Enchantment: the story of disconnection in our modern world

my lane : cork : ireland

Last week I realized I need more enchantment in my life.  I am neck deep in the study of sociology and psychology; two subjects which, while deliciously interesting, are emotionally heavy and revealing.  They strip away the veneer, and force you to look under the proverbial carpet--that place humanity ‘hides’ what it doesn’t want to deal with.While considering my need for enchantment, I also contemplated: how I define it, what it means to me, and why it is integral when talking about Place an … [Read more...]

Sheep in my front garden: we’re not in Texas anymore

I heard a rumor that Mercury is retrograde this week.  If that is indeed the case, I believe it has taken control of our blog!  :eep:  So, in the spirit of easy communication and plain ole FUN, let me share a story.Tuesday morning, as I lazed in bed, I thought I saw a white blur dart past the window.  This seemed odd, considering I live in a two-story farmhouse and my bedroom is upstairs.  I was reluctant to get out of my warm bed to investigate, so I pulled the comforter up around  my chin. … [Read more...]

Snakes in the Dark: beginning to remember

Brú na Bóinne : Ireland

My feet are bare as I run through the pasture.  Calluses, built over years of refusal to wear shoes, give them a protective layer all their own.  Long, dark hair billows behind me--a knot of tangle and wave. My mind is full of one thought, one intention: Grandma’s house.I will sit at her feet and help shell peas while she tells me stories.Maybe she will comb my hair and braid it.We will sit quiet together, while the wind rustles the curtains in the breezeway and she twiddles her thu … [Read more...]

In Ireland, it’s all about the weather….{and flat tires}

the Ents : east Cork

In this week of turnings, feasts and festivals, time is out of time. Today feels like tomorrow's last week, or yesterday's fortnight. I'm down the rabbit-hole, pocket-watch in hand. "I'm Late, I'm Late!"(I also just spent the day in West Cork, where we were trapped with a flat tire.  But that's another story.)It snowed here in Cork this week. The sheep in Mr. McCarthy's field were huddled in the ring fort when I went out to explore it. Their fleece blending with the white blanket on t … [Read more...]

The problem of Imbolc


Today is the Celtic Sabbat/festival/holy day/celebration of Imbolc. Traci wrote a great post about it yesterday; I recommend it for those that want to know more about the word and its origins, as well as the Irish experience of it.I've never felt all that connected to this spoke on the great wheel of seasonal observances. While I feel connected to all things Celtic, I don't know much of the history, and there's so much to know! I wasn't raised in an Irish or Celtic diaspora family (my … [Read more...]

Oiche Fhéile Bhríde: The Eve of St. Brighid’s Feast

Saint Brigid's Cross : © CC- 2008 Culnacreann

Tonight is perhaps one of the most celebrated in Ireland.  No, there won't be any mad parties or green beer.  Not even wild heathen drumming on the High Places.  Instead, this evening is about family, purification, and continuity of ancient practices.You see, tonight is the eve of St. Brighid’s Feast--the eve of Imbolc--and it’s a big deal.  The indigenous Irish marked the beginning of their festivals at sundown, and deemed that dark time especially potent.  [Consider how this thinking im … [Read more...]