Wrinkles in Space

The view looking Northward from near the flagpole at the top of the hill in Queen's Park in Glasgow.

Have you ever been to a place over and over again and then suddenly one day, you notice something that you never noticed before? Maybe it's a building that must have always been there, but it somehow never quite registered in your mind. Or maybe you look at a wall and think, "Was it that color yesterday?" and you are sure, absolutely positive, that it was some other color before. Sometimes you can ask your family or friends, and they will tell you that this thing that you just noticed is exactly … [Read more...]

Living on the ‘Roseline’ and other spiritual fantasies


A few months ago, I discovered that I live on the 'Roseline', the supposed leyline which runs around the globe, through the Gnomon de Saint-Sulpice in Paris, Glastonbury in England, and Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh in Scotland.The only information I can find on the Roseline variously describes it as:the Paris meridian - a challenger to the Greenwich meridian from the 17th to the 19th centuries; the sunlight line which identifies the date and time of Easter, at Gnomon de … [Read more...]

The Fox in the Park

City Fox in Glasgow

Once again, I find myself in Glasgow. There's something surreal about being here this time. The first time I walked up the stairs to the apartment where I spent September to January and where I will spend the next month was strange. This is familiar home-not-home territory. Sitting in the living room now where I took that picture of the thick fogoutside in January feels a bit odd. I'm dancing with my relationship with this place that was just a mental picture before my first visit last July but … [Read more...]

Knowing our places, inside and out


T. Thorn Coyle's book Make Magic of Your Life might not, at first glance, look like it will have much in it of relevance to Pagans seeking to connect with the land beneath their feet, and the all-species tribe which it supports. The book focuses on desire and making desires into reality, taking the reader on a journey with the four powers of the Sphinx: to know, to will, to dare and to keep silent, and a fifth power, the power to manifest.It is an excellent book, filled with illuminating … [Read more...]

The importance of beauty

The view from my bathroom window this morning.

I am lucky enough to live in what I consider to be an intensely beautiful landscape. This is especially the case on mornings like this morning, when the sky is blue and the sun shines bright. The hills become honey-coated; the sky is endless.Beauty is a vitally important part of my relationship with place. If a place is ugly, it is hard for me to get past that in order to begin to form a relationship, a connection. I shrink back from such places. They make me uncomfortable and … [Read more...]

A time of change, a place of resilience

Community members celebrating the Big Lottery Grant.

It's a strange thing, but this little parish-in-the-valley we live in, with just over 300 people living in approximately 100 square miles, used to have three schools. We're living in one of them at the minute, our friends up the road are living in the second, and the third is about to become the most amazing community centre, after years of hard work by the community, and a massive Big Lottery grant.It's odd to think that 100 years ago, perhaps even only 50, there were enough children in … [Read more...]

A space of no place

The entrance to the Spiegeltent

Last week I had the honour to conduct a handfasting in Dumfries, for two of the most wonderful people it's been my pleasure to meet here in this region (or, indeed, anywhere). The whole event was amazing, but the venue: that was spectacular. It was a Spiegeltent, a construction of wood and canvas, reminiscent of a circus tent, but designed to hold entertainments of all kinds.Spiegeltents originated in Belgium, and were built between the late 1800s and the early 1900s. As well as a stage, … [Read more...]