Image of an Amsterdam canal From Wikipedia. Click for original.

This is my second trip to the Netherlands in just over a month. I sit outside smoking an American Spirit cigarette and contemplating the energy here. Water. Flow. Movement, but not necessarily to anywhere or from anywhere.Crossing the street is terrifying at times. I step away from the safety of the sidewalk into the bike zone, hoping that a fast moving cyclist doesn't appear out of no where to bowl me over. I reach the car zone and fast-walk across the lane before I reach the tram tracks. … [Read more...]

A time of change, a place of resilience

Community members celebrating the Big Lottery Grant.

It's a strange thing, but this little parish-in-the-valley we live in, with just over 300 people living in approximately 100 square miles, used to have three schools. We're living in one of them at the minute, our friends up the road are living in the second, and the third is about to become the most amazing community centre, after years of hard work by the community, and a massive Big Lottery grant.It's odd to think that 100 years ago, perhaps even only 50, there were enough children in … [Read more...]