The Song of the Other


Alder staff in hand, boot-shod feet sore from several days of hard-trudging, I walked slowly through fading day of the fleeting summer to the tiny village of Sainte-Barbe. To my left the sea and descending sun, to my right the fields of gorse and grass concealing ancient standing stones, and always ahead the image of my destination--its wind-worn spire rising steadily in the distance.In the village, I shook off my boots and hooded tunic, laid my staff against an old stone wall and entered … [Read more...]

Enchantment: the story of disconnection in our modern world

my lane : cork : ireland

Last week I realized I need more enchantment in my life.  I am neck deep in the study of sociology and psychology; two subjects which, while deliciously interesting, are emotionally heavy and revealing.  They strip away the veneer, and force you to look under the proverbial carpet--that place humanity ‘hides’ what it doesn’t want to deal with.While considering my need for enchantment, I also contemplated: how I define it, what it means to me, and why it is integral when talking about Place an … [Read more...]