My spiritual map


 I wrote last week about what my spiritual landscape might look like. I took this idea and came up with a map. It was a bolt of inspiration at 5am. It's not exact, of course. It's mythical, silly, and in no way an actual reflection of my precise journey, though it does of course reflect myself. It is also in no way an accurate reflection of any tradition. Click on the map to enlarge it. Click again and you can move around to see things close up.At the very top is Mount … [Read more...]

Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes

Abraham Ortelius 1570 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I love maps. I love their aesthetic. I love their usefulness. I love the wide variety of information we can gleam from any one map. I love seeing how maps change over time. Wouldn't it be useful if the spiritual life came with a map? This way to the Springs of Refreshment! Avoid the Pits of Despair!Cherry Hill Seminary is hosting a conference next month and an accompanying class (beginning next week) dealing with sacred lands and spiritual landscapes. I've been given a sneak peek at the … [Read more...]