Feeding the Sidhe

A full-grown elder tree Photo licensed under creative commons from

Back in 1998, before I moved to Scotland, I was a baby Witch living in Bath. I was reading all the gentle introductory books on Witchcraft I could find, and starting to put their exercises into practice. One of those books, I can't remember which, suggested beginning a relationship with the Sidhe – the beings most people refer to as 'faeries'.It recommended showing respect to elder trees – the dwellings of the Queen of Faery – and leaving silver coins in any hidden green space I could find. S … [Read more...]

Letting my inner country girl out

The place where I was born. High res version available from Probert Encyclopaedia

I was born in South London (pronounced “Saaarf Laarndun”), in the area of Lewisham -- you can't get much more urban than that -- and I was raised in England's second largest city, Birmingham. And yet, since adolescence, I've felt ill at ease with city life.Disaffected livingMy (limited) studies of French philosophy helped me to see I wasn't alone in this experience. Durkheim had a word for my situation: l'anomie – the feeling that I lacked community. Sartre had a word for it, too: la … [Read more...]